How to make Glaceon Top Tier in Pokemon X/Y

No really, how do you make Glaceon top tier in Pokemon X/Y? I don’t know how. Ready for some internet fluff on your Saturday?

For those who don’t know, Glaceon is my second favorite Pokemon (to the god that is Metagross). He’s a gentleman’s gentleman, and the only faces he makes range from “smug” to “so f***ing smug it’s uncomfortable for everyone.” He also rocks all of the bangs. And he owns the family of Eevee evolutions. He’s like the Godfather of the Eevees. Sylveon? F*** that guy.

Here’s my issue – in the illegal animal fighting circuit known as “Pokemon,” Glaceon sort of sucks. His smugness just doesn’t translate into ripping the jugulars out of Pikachus. He’s a glass cannon, because (prepare for Pokemon jargon) he’s the absolute worst typing in the game, and the fact that he gains STAB with ice type moves, which is one of the best type coverages, just can’t make up for the fact that literally everything kills this little guy.

Before, you could sort of mask Glaceon’s deficiencies by creating a “Hail” team, but that’s not really doable anymore. So my question to you, dear “The Audience,” is how do I make Glaceon viable? Is it possible? Can you try? Because I can’t make it happen and it’s making me a sad panda.


6 thoughts on “How to make Glaceon Top Tier in Pokemon X/Y

    1. Alternatively, just give it the Wonder Guard ability. Sure, Ice gets hit by damn near everything, but whatever isn’t super effective can’t touch you. I did that with a Piplup once just to make it competitive without having to evolve it. Even then, it was only okay.

  1. Other than getting one with a good nature and extensive breeding to get good IVs, maxing out its EVs is the only way to go. Totally love the design of all the eveelutions.

  2. Glaceon is a mediocre Pokemon. Shit defensive typing combined with shallow movepool and not-so-good stat distribution. Their isn’t any way you can make Glaceon OU unless Game Freak decides to give the Ice-type a mega buff and change what types it resists and what types it’s weak against.

    Something stupid like Wonder Guard wouldn’t make much of difference considering that 100% of teams carry at least one offensive type that is SE against Ice.

    Glaceon is almost as bad as Flareon. You shouldn’t even be using Ice-types in the first place except a few exceptions like Mamoswine, Weavile and Abomasnow. Even those aren’t pure ice-type. Plain ice-types suck, period.

    1. You’re right. Having immunity to 14 of the 18 attack types in the game wouldn’t be the slightest bit better than…healing in hail! Or being more evasive in hail!

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