Demo Hate, And The New Bravely Default Story Trailer

As I downloaded the Bravely Default demo on my 3DS, it occurred to me how much I actually hate demos of games. I think they’re a waste of time. At best, they just seem like pointless spoilers that will dilute my experience when I actually have to retread these segments later. At worst, they are filled with bug and as-of-yet unpolished gameplay that will certainly be cleared up in the main game, but might dissuade potential buyers that were on the fence. Maybe i’m in the minority, but I’ve never not been interested in a game, played the demo, and then the clouds parted and I realized that I must, in fact, make the purchase for the full version.

That’s what’s so interesting about the Bravely Default demo – I’m totally addicted. Here, we have a demo done right, featuring content not accessible in game, and offering bonuses that you can carry over to the full version. So, you get all your “playing in advance” of regular demos, but with tangible bonuses to convince even the purists like me to download it.
So while you’re downloading the Bravely Default demo, check out this new trailer below highlighting the characters and story for what is shaping up to be one of the more enjoyable RPG experiences in years.

One thought on “Demo Hate, And The New Bravely Default Story Trailer

  1. 100% agreed. I wrote about the demo a little bit ago, and found it to be incredibly addicting. Honestly, I’ve played it more than many games, and my friend (who is notoriously slow at games) has played it more than me playing a game I actually enjoy.

    I am super excited for the final product.

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