The Return of At the Buzzer


Don’t call it a comeback; we been here for years.

Our internet situation has finally, FINALLY, FINALLY

Okay, you get the idea. It’s been resolved, after almost three months of stress and frustration and tomfoolery and shenanigans. And for those who thought we were dead, you didn’t read the memo. I’m not dead, I’m just pissed off. And we are coming back stronger than ever, starting next week.

Here’s the basic plan. We still have an extra episode from October that we recorded (you know, thinking that we were being super smart and planning ahead in case we didn’t have internet for, say, a few days). So we’re just going to come back Monday like nothing happened. Our regular posting schedule will return next week (except Game Ons for the time being), and we’ll air that old episode on Thursday. Then, on January 30th, we’ll return with our first brand-new episode. You think you heard me being mad before? Just wait until I go off the handle in our first episode back. I may have a coronary on live radio.

To those who have supported us during this ridiculous downtime, thank you. Your emails and tweets and such have not gone unnoticed, even though we haven’t really been able to respond. To those who may have fallen off the wagon in the interim, we’ll still welcome you back with open arms. To those who are brand new and this is the first post they’ve ever read on this site…uh, sorry for the weird post, I guess? This isn’t normal, I promise.

So that’s the gist. On Monday, ATB comes back for round two. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

9 thoughts on “The Return of At the Buzzer

  1. Don’t die of a heart attack when you fly off the handle about the internet woes you’ve endured. We wouldn’t want that now and we just got you back!

    1. You have to understand, I’ve had no outlet for my rage for three months now. And it’s not just CenturyLink…I have a few choice words for debt collectors and politicians too. All that, plus a purple kitten makes a stunning confession, in an all-new episode of At the Buzzer on Jan. 30! (/shill)

  2. You think you can just waltz back into my life like nothing happened? Well I have news for you, little Shaun and little Christina never met you and they never will. You don’t just get to come and go from their lives as you please. I have raised them for the last 10 years by myself, and by god I will continue without you.

    AND, OH YEAH, IT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO EVERY GUY AND I am sorry about that…

    1. Unbeknownst to you, I’ve been picking up little Shaun and little Christina on the weekends. They love going to the park and then getting ice cream afterward, and they don’t seem to mind that I’m wearing sunglasses and a dingy sweatshirt. They also don’t seem to know who their mother is; when are you going to get around to discussing that?

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