Reviews: Scoring The Best And Worst Anime I’ve Seen Round 2

Since the Internet has been nonexistent for the past few months, it’s been a slow process to watch more anime shows and score them. As a result, this list is going to be a lot shorter than the last, but that actually does me a favor by cutting my workload in half. Great, the nonexistent Internet has turned me into a slacker.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam: 7.5/10
An old school anime, the episodic, self-contained progression of G Gundam was a nice change of pace from what I was used to, and it served as a good approach to explore the characterization of Domon. Domon’s character was all over the place, but with that said, it gave the writers plenty of opportunities to flesh out his character–because of this, I found it pretty easy to get invested in the struggles he faced during his journey. Domon’s relationship with Rain was cute despite its issues, and their bond ends up serving as the focal point of the finale. At times the animation did some cheesy things that made me question its necessity, but besides that, the show hasn’t aged horribly over the years. G Gundam‘s story was fairly straightforward in the beginning, which I was okay with since it didn’t need to be complicated and I enjoyed it for its simplicity, but when the story did take priority, it was actually pretty interesting.

Cowboy Bebop: 8.5/10
A classic among anime fans, Cowboy Bebop is a smart and funny show topped off with a great cast of characters (more specifically, Spike), cool gun fights and pop culture references galore. The show has aged exceptionally well over the years, though the inclusion of the 3D graphics is fairly noticeable and not as sharp in contrast to the hand-drawn animation. The music is iconic and jazzy, each track catchy and appropriate to the crazy misadventures Spike and his crew go on. While it seems like all fun and games, Cowboy Bebop can be more serious as its story unfolds, though these episodes are few and far too in between, and many things are left unresolved in the show’s conclusion. While I find some of the persisting questions bothersome, it’s pretty clear that Cowboy Bebop‘s intent is to leave many of these questions open to the interpretation of the viewers, and while this is a bold move, I can appreciate it as well. I don’t agree that is the best anime show ever created, but it was certainly entertaining nonetheless.

Attack on Titan (Season 1): 9/10
This anime is a great, engaging show full of twists and turns. The animation is stunning and colorful, and the action scenes are top notch, fast and jaw-dropping. The music is wonderful and appropriately placed in each scene. The characterization of each and every character is compelling, and the bonds that keep them together are adorable (namely, Eren and Mikasa). Quite frankly, I was expecting Attack on Titan to be perfect in every way. My only complaint lies with the last two episodes. This is the first anime where I have read the manga beforehand, and while this may cause some bias in preference, I felt these last two episodes flopped on what was so expertly handled in the manga. By dragging out the turmoil that Eren feels for far too long, the anime bogs down his aptitude as a strong main character determined to protect those he cares for. Sure, it makes already awesome characters like Levi and Mikasa even better, but dropping Eren’s character at the end weakened the finale for me. I should mention that, prior to this point, the first season was quite true to the manga, and made watching my favorite moments in the manga come to life in the anime a fun, more enjoyable experience. If I had to score the rest of the season, it would have a 10/10 for sure. But because the last episodes left such a sour taste in my mouth, the season gets a slightly lower score. With that said, Attack on Titan is still definitely a show I would watch again and recommend to others – though I’d preface it with reading the manga first.

Attack on Titan cast

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