Obligatory Post: Tales of Zestiria Announced


After a few weeks of waiting (and a countdown clock that showed off earlier entries in the series), Namco Bandai officially announced its next major title in the Tales series: Tales of Zestiria, for the Playstation 3.

Look, let’s get this out of the way early: The name is silly. But that’s true of most Tales games, so fans are pretty much used to that by now. More importantly, the game was announced for release in more than just Japan; the Americas are already confirmed to be getting this title as well. There’s even a rumor that Zestiria will get a simultaneous release, much like Pokemon X and Y from earlier this year — but I find that to be hard to believe. It’d be nice, though.

Zestiria joins Xillia 2 and the Tales of Symphonia HD update as three titles coming down the pipe for the West, which is a stark change from past localization efforts (or lack there of). That probably has something to do with Xillia selling more than a million copies worldwide. That number might not sound like much compared to Grand Theft Auto V achieving the same feat in two days, but it’s actually a huge number for a Tales title, especially for a series that generally gets very little advertisement.

Producer Hideo Baba said in an interview that the game was going to have another evolution of the familiar battle system, but one that was put together and tweaked based on suggestions from the fans. That idea has some potential, especially if it expands on the improvements that we saw in Graces and Xillia.

What else is there about the game? Not much just yet. We got a look at two of the main characters, a neat looking picture of a field area, and a short trailer (seen below). But you know what? Just knowing that another Tales game is on its way and that it’s already confirmed for localization is enough for me.

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