Persona 5 Announced; Chair as Main Character?


After what seemed like forever for an announcement, a short teaser trailer for Persona 5 dropped last week — and the game might be releasing sooner than anyone would have expected.

We went from virtually no news about the Persona series (outside of Arena and its upcoming sequel) to the announcement of three games, including the next main entry. Alongside Persona 5 are two other games, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona 4: Dancing All Night, a rhythm game.

But let’s be honest: P5 is the big news here. Very little is known about the game, but the end of the trailer (which you can watch below) suggests a Winter 2014 release date for Japan. Atlus is known for being relatively quick on its biggest localization projects, so we could be looking at P5 in the states sometime around early summer. That’s exciting news, considering that some games from Japan take six months or more to make their way over here.

Will there be new characters? Old ones making an appearance? Will Shoji Meguro work more magic with the soundtrack? There are lots of questions and not many answers, but just the idea that the game is far along in development and coming next year is good enough for now. Who knows — maybe you’ll be playing as one of those chairs, and you have to break free of the shackles to go find your chair parents before you cram for your final exam in chair school. Perhaps that’s what the line “You are slave. Want emancipation?” means: a chair protagonist.

At this point, I’m on board for anything.

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