You Don’t Know Jack Classics on Steam


If you’ve been following our Game On series (and you should, because these episodes have been pretty darn good), you may have been introduced to the madness that is You Don’t Know Jack.

YDKJ was a series that started back in the ’90s, a trivia game that labeled itself as the place where high culture and pop culture collided. Of course, there was much more to it than just a simple tagline. The series featured abrasive, often abusive hosts who would ridicule you for wrong answers, your name choice, your final score, and everything in between. The questions often seemed absurd, with bizarre links between the entertainment world and other random subjects.

You Don’t Know Jack became a cult classic with a niche market; the series has sold more than five million copies to this point, with a similar backing on its apps and Facebook offerings. It was probably too strange to ever achieve huge mainstream success, but that’s probably part of the charm.

Many of the older games in the series are difficult to find now, and even harder to run on modern computers. Some of the earliest titles ran on Windows 3.1 and 95 — yep, that’s some old stuff. But to celebrate YDKJ’s 18th anniversary, many of the vintage entries have appeared on Steam, both individually and as a bundle. You can find out more info here.

At two or three bucks a pop, I highly recommend giving these a look if you’ve never tried it. You can start at the beginning, but the first game is really starting to show its age. Personally, I’d go with Vol. 3 (the first big appearance for series mainstay Cookie Masterson) or Vol. 4 The Ride (perhaps the best of all). These are ridiculous prices compared to what they were as recently as last week, when most were sold as CDs on the Jellyvision store for $15-20 each.

As for me? I picked up three games on the Steam store — but I can’t play them yet. You know, the whole no internet thing. But hey, that doesn’t stop me from finding out about a good deal and passing it your way.

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