Don’t Worry, At the Buzzer Isn’t Dead


I mean, it’s probably seemed dead. That’s understandable. But these are the types of things that happen when you suddenly don’t have internet for a month.

Folks who follow the site or listened to the most recent episode will probably remember that Shaun and I were in the middle of moving. That in itself was an entirely too complicated process, but we got through it relatively unscathed. Lost in all the packing and lifting and unpacking and crying was the fact that we expected our internet to be turned on within a week or so after the move.

Unfortunately, as we’ve covered on the site before, CenturyLink has some of the dumbest infrastructure I’ve ever seen. Our original appointment for a technician was pushed back at first. Then the company sent us a modem through the mail. They set up a new time for someone to stop by to set us up, but no one showed. A phone call on the next business day revealed that the technician didn’t show because THERE WAS NO INTERNET TO INSTALL AT ALL. Apparently the area to which we’ve moved doesn’t have the proper cables running there yet, but it’s supposed to by the end of the month.

So essentially, this dumbass company sent us a modem for internet that didn’t exist, all while wasting two weeks of our time (and countless hours on the phone on hold). Die in a fire, CenturyLink.

What does this mean for the show? Well, as you can see, a few things have had to be postponed. We can’t exactly do a full-length show with Dave when he’s in Phoenix, and even if we made that work somehow, uploading the episode is next to impossible. It takes a dedicated connection and a decent upload speed to pull that off without errors. We’re looking into doing mini-shows in the meantime or something, but it’s tough. Hell, we have an episode already recorded that I just can’t find a way to post because of this mess.

Game Ons have also been halted for the time being. If episodes are typically in the 70-100 MB range, you can imagine how well it’s going to work when I try to upload videos that are sometimes 2-3 gigs.

Rest assured that I’m not thrilled with any of this. Consistency has been one of my hallmarks since late 2011, when we decided to go to a weekly format. We had only missed two episodes in that entire span, one because of technological failures and one because lightning destroyed our router. So missing three or four or five weeks in a row? That pisses me off. A lot.

We’ll still be posting sporadically in the meantime, and we did see some folks from CenturyLink in the neighborhood checking some things out. So maybe we’ll have internet back sooner than later. Until then, we’re kinda stuck doing what we can. Once we’re back, though, believe me when I say that we’re going to hit the ground running.

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