Guest Post – Videogame Zombification: 6 Unusual Zombie Games

The Zombification of Games: 6 Unusual Games Featuring Zombies

Zombies seem to be everywhere these days; on television, in movies, on cartoons, T-shirts, products and in video games. Whether the game is for console, handheld, computer, tablet, Facebook or smartphone, there are tons of zombie games to choose from. Some of them are overly violent, others are considered horror games. There are also some games that seem like a typical game but with zombies in them. Here are six of the more unusual games that feature zombies.

1.    Zombie Soccer

Zombie soccer is an online game you can play on your PC or a tablet computer where you are a soccer player being chased by zombies. Not only do you need to keep playing the game and making goals, you also kill zombies as they’re attacking you. It is a good combination of a sports game and a zombie game.

2.    Zombie Café

Zombie Café is similar to the other café games released by Capcom, but with zombies as your employees and as some of your guests, too. This is a free game that is available through a downloadable app on your iOS or Android Smartphone, Facebook and tablet computers. This is one of the friendlier zombie games since you are not being chased by or trying to kill the zombies.

3.    No Zombies Allowed

In the No Zombies Allowed game, you are responsible for saving your town after being taken over by a horde of zombies. In the game you will be recruiting people who have survived the zombie apocalypse and building up the town, hence the title No Zombies Allowed. It includes upgradable weapons and rewards for completing missions.

4.    Zombie Tycoon

Zombie Tycoon is another game that is similar to other games in the genre, but with zombies added in. All of the Tycoon games are published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Zombie Tycoon is a friendlier zombie game, since you’re actually controlling the zombies rather than trying to fight them off.

5.    The Typing of the Dead

This is one of the more unusual zombie games because it is also a typing game. You’re learning to type fast so you don’t get eaten by zombies. The slower the type, the more zombies start to attack you. It is a great way to practice typing and really build up your speed. Your kids will love playing it after they’re done with their outdoor playground equipment and games for the day.

 6.    Plants vs. Zombies

This is one of the most popular and well-known zombie games around. Released by PopCap Games, it is available on the computer, tablet PCs, the Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and smartphone apps. In Plants vs. Zombies, you are trying to build up plants in your garden in order to get rid of zombies.

There are also other games that surprisingly have zombies in them. They range from games like Dead Rising 3, which is a first-person shooter featuring zombies, to Zombie Fish Tank, where the hero is the zombie.

-Guest post by Courtney Gordner. Courtney is a journalist/blogger with a passion for…everything! Read more from her on her own blog, 


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