“The Fox” and the “Sound” – The song of the summer?

This is the song of the summer? This is what it takes to get hits and “make music?”


This is it?

By now, everyone and their mother has heard Ylvis’ (like Elvis, but with a f****** y) song “The Fox.” If you haven’t yet, then I apologize, as I am giving you your first exposure, which is the exact opposite of what I want.

What we have here is essentially a version of a song for preschool baby children, like those little machines where you pull the cord and it screams at you that the cow goes moo. THE COW GOES MOO OKAY I GET IT.

With that much beloved children’s toy as a song base, the band then injects it with a bunch of molly, and EDM’s the s*** out of it. They go through the sounds a whole barnyard of animals make, okay, fine, a little weird, but whatever. And then they get to a fox.

Apparently, the sound a fox makes is random screaming and howling. But not howling, like, an animal. Howling as the sound Gilbert Gottfried makes when Slenderman shows up in his laundry room. I might have to listen to it a few more times, but I’m pretty sure this is, in fact, not a sound any fox has ever made at any point ever.

Is this all it takes to make a hit now? Semi-music talent mixed with absurdity? I mean, seriously, good for them – they made a product that apparently everyone wants to hear, and managed to stand out in today’s world where everyone has something to say (myself included) and a song to share. But when are we going to reach the point where people being absurd just to be absurd, the Nicki Manaj’s of the world, cause the absurd to just be normal?

I’m not actually hating.  Props to these guys, and the song is moderately catchy, I guess. But what I don’t get is how everyone is considering this the “song of the summer.” Let’s ignore the fact that it’s not really summer anymore, and just focus on how everyone wants to crown a song that went viral overnight, and has yet to show any actual lasting impact.

I could be wrong. I wrote off Call Me Maybe (even though I loved it), and it was nominated for a damn Grammy. But there were a lot of songs this summer, and I have a hard time believing this is the defining one. Remember Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky?” That one song that was on every radio station, all hours of the day, seven days a week, for months?

I don’t know anymore. You be the judge.

5 thoughts on ““The Fox” and the “Sound” – The song of the summer?

  1. I seriously had not heard that song until now. Get Lucky has to be the song of the summer; I don’t listen to the radio (not for any particular reason, just never have it on) and I still heard it everywhere. The Fox looks (and sounds) like it’d make more sense in a Mighty Boosh or Flight of the Conchords.

  2. Huh. You’re right about the catchy part, but the lyrics make me want to strangle some furries. Maybe this should be the song SETI sends out to any curious aliens. If this song doesn’t speak volumes about our current musical culture, I don’t know what does.

  3. Oh. Oh man. I was catching up on a backlog of stuff on the reader, and just came across this… While I know I clicked the play button expecting I was going to hate it, I don’t know if I can ever forgive you for putting the temptation to satisfy my morbid curiosity in front of me…

    To be fair, I tend to dislike a lot of pop music anyway (I’m a lifelong metal and rock fan, though I also listen to a lot of classical, alternative and orchestral), but this ticks me off far worse than most. Probably because it felt like a bait and switch when it got to the supposed noises that the fox makes (I watched the video before reading the majority of the post). Up until that point I was kind of enjoying it. My thought pattern kind of went along these lines: “Huh, it’s a little slow, but I could grow to like it… aaaaaaaaaand what the hell just happened? Nope, we’re done here.”

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