Xion’s Death From Kingdom Hearts 358 Days/2 – Saddest Videogame Scene Ever

Just thought I’d share with all the saddest videogame cut-scene of all time – Xion’s death, straight from the ending of Kingdom Hearts 358 Days / 2. When people bitch and moan about how many spin-offs there has been between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3…okay, I agree with them, because it’s been way too many, but still, I adore this game, and I adore how much my heart breaks in this ending.

So I’ll set the stage. Obviously, spoilers follow.

Basically, Roxas and Xion are both born from Sora, who’s trying to recover after essentially getting mind crushed in a previous game. Xion and Roxas are being used by Organization XIII to complete their nefarious plot. Xion learns that if she continues to exist, however, Sora can never recover from his mind crush, so she has Roxas, her best friend, battle her to the death.

Here’s the catch – when these people die (for some reason), all memories someone else has of them die, too. So, even as Xion is slowly dying, Roxas is forgetting who she is. Throughout the game, they’ve spent nearly an entire year becoming best friends, sharing highs and lows together, and supporting each other throughout the difficult trials that exist when you’re part of an organization against your will that’s trying to destroy the world (or something).

More than anything, this scene is a testament to the power a score can have, regardless if it’s a movie or a videogame. The music helps the scene truly elicit an emotional response, and in this case, it’s my tears all over my keyboard.

Forget Aeris dying in FF7 – this scene takes my award for the saddest cutscene in a videogame, ever. Not only did Xion force her best friend to kill her for the greater good, but she did so knowing that he will lose memory of her in the process, a thought that’s almost worst than death itself. She’s crying, he’s crying, I’m crying. No one is not crying. Enjoy the scene!

The silver lining here is that Kingdom Hearts 3 is alluding to Sora being able to save all these poor saps that have died or disappeared throughout the course of the series, including the ENTIRE CAST of Birth by Sleep. My hope is Roxas and Xion will get reunited again. Crossed fingers.

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