Ben Affleck will make a great Batman in Superman vs. Batman

Ben Affleck will make a great Batman in Superman vs. Batman. It’s in my article’s title, and just so you didn’t think I accidentally wrote it when trying to write “the worst Batman,” I said it again.

The problem here, I think, is perception vs. reality. For example, the natural, obvious thing to do is to compare this role to Affleck’s other superhero role, Daredevi — aaaarrrhhggg sorry I just threw up a little. He was terrible in that movie. Terrible in a terrible movie. Terrible.

And then you’re like, “Yeah, and then his career gets WAY better, with hits like Gigli!” Note the sarcasm in your tone. You’re such an ass sometimes. But also correct. Yes, Gigli is terrible, and in some ways, Ben Affleck makes it even worse.

But then something happened to Ben Affleck. Maybe he got tired of Matt Damon taking all the credit. Maybe his friendship with Jimmy Kimmel changed him as a human being. Maybe his hot wife Jennifer Garner made him realize he had to step his game up. Ben Affleck in The Town, and especially Ben Affleck in Argo, was amazing. Nuanced, believable, layered – all these things that I never thought I’d write in a sentence about Ben Affleck’s acting without the word “NOT” in the middle.

He's totally Batman. Look at him. LOOK. AT. HIM.
He’s totally Batman. Look at him. LOOK. AT. HIM.

From the sounds of it, the studio is going in the direction of a slightly older Batman, and will be picking up with him in the latter half of his crime fighting career, rather than revisiting the beginning and origins, which we’ve already seen twice in film, and probably shouldn’t revisit again for awhile considering Nolan’s definitive take on it.

So a more wizened, experienced Batman, dealing with this new crap from a superpowered alien in Superman? I think Ben Affleck is perfect for this, especially in portraying Bruce Wayne. He’s too old for this s***, and I love it. Now, Ben Afflecks as Batman himself…I’ll have to see. I have some doubts of seeing his pretty distinctive chin the cowl, but I said the same thing about Heath Ledger — interesting choice, but I literally couldn’t imagine him in the make up — and we all know how that turned out.

Give Ben Affleck a break. He had your trust, and then he lost it, and then he earned it again. Compare that to someone like Justin Bieber, who never earned it, probably doesn’t deserve it, and yet somehow still possesses it. Trust in Ben Affleck. Give him the chance to lose your trust.

5 thoughts on “Ben Affleck will make a great Batman in Superman vs. Batman

  1. I had the same reaction as everyone else when I heard he’s the new Batman. I certainly can’t see it, but I’m not going to dismiss him either. He is first and foremost an actor. Ben Affleck can easily prove us wrong and I hope that’s the case. I did love his work in The Town and Argo, so he can act well. I’ll wait until the movie comes out to decide what I think of him as the new Batman.

  2. I’m sure he’ll do alright, but let’s face it, nobody is going to be able to watch it without comparing him to Christian Bale. For many (recent) years, Batman has been Christian Bale. Affleck won’t have a chance to make the character his own, he has to play the same game,at the same level or better than Bale did or the audience isn’t going to follow.

    Not to mention how it is going to be more jarring than when the role of Rachel was given to Maggie Gyllenhall.

    1. And here’s the problem – no matter who it was, it was going to be tough to “make the role their own,” because this is a brand new Batman we’re just supposed to accept, without the introduction movies to set it up and establish the tone of the world. It’s going to be interesting, for sure.

  3. More than anything I’m still just having a hard time picturing how you just (casually? intensely?) work Batman in to your other story. I dunno, for some reason it seemed to make perfect sense to me to have a bunch of heroes show up in the Avengers, but I just have trouble picturing a dude in a bat suit working a minor role in another hero’s movie. I’m sure they’ll show me how it’s done, but I’m much more interested in seeing how they do it than I am in worrying about how good Ben Affleck will be.

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