Pokemon: The Origin announced, starring Red


It may not be a permanent replacement for that poor bastard Ash Ketchum, but a standalone anime featuring the characters of Pokemon Red and Green (Blue in the U.S.) is set to be released just before X and Y drop this October.

Considering that Red is a badass, this will hopefully be a gigantic improvement over Ash’s foibles. The trailer shows that Red and Green (who looks like Gary, of course) appear to be rivals, Brock makes an appearance as the first gym leader once more, and Lance drops by to say hello

Could this anime actually show someone becoming a Pokemon master? If anyone can do it, it’s Red. He appears to be starting with a Charmander this time, while Green snags a Squirtle (without sunglasses). Professor Oak is around as well. The art style is a bit different from what we’ve come to expect from Pokemon anime, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.

You can watch the trailer below. Keep an eye out for fat Charmander flailing away against Brock’s Geodude — it’s sad, and also gives me Ash flashback nightmares.

5 thoughts on “Pokemon: The Origin announced, starring Red

  1. I can’t wait to see this! I’m so excited and please, please don’t make Red suck or give him Ash’s amnesia…

    1. Exactly. Red is the biggest badass in the series — it’s okay if he has some growing pains, but he has to win. It’s that simple. They have Ash if they want the “idiot underdog who overcomes adversity” character.

      1. Of course. Not every trainer starts off as a badass. I just hope they don’t go the “Ash” route with him because if they do i’m not watching it. What’s his name going to be?

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