BulletTime #5

Frankly, I didn’t know what to write about this week. So I am going back to my favorite running gimmick: Bullettime

  • The World Series of Poker main event has been on ESPN in the past few weeks, and I am always drawn into the amazing players who put down that much money on the biggest tournament in the world. I have dreams that one day I’ll be able to put down the $10,000 needed to play with the best in the world…but it probably won’t happen…I’m scared to play with $40 at the casino against good players.  Though watching this has gotten the poker juices flowing within me. If only there were a way that my computer could connect to other computers where I could play poker for real money with other real players. Oh wait…it exists, but our government won’t allow it. I think this is really a poor decision. You have a product that people want, and an avenue where you can just tax the players and company for taking part in that product. I just don’t understand in these times of deficit and economic turbulence why we don’t legalize a few things that have been taboo (like marijuana maybe) and just tax the living hell out of it. It won’t solve all of our problems, but it’ll help a little at least.
  • I was lucky enough to visit my 90 year old great aunt and uncle last week in Costa Mesa California and had a bit of a crazy adventure while there. I have this warning for all travelers going forward: Don’t stay at Motel 6. My experience included arriving at 130 AM to the hotel, finding out that the hotel had given away our rooms, waiting an hour while they cleaned a new room for us, receiving a smoking room after exclusively requesting a non smoking room, getting a new room and then finding bugs all over that room. It was horrific. Fortunately I was with my parents and my dad sprung for a room at the Marriott. It only cost $50 more and was so worth it. Other than that awfulness, I loved every other minute of Southern California: The beach, the sun, and the perfect 73 degree weather. My uncle and aunt are getting up there in age, but still are always a ton of fun to talk to…even if I have to repeat myself a few times.
  • Seriously, Breaking Bad. Blows my freaking mind every time. So many times in TV and movies I get bored because I can predict things that are going to happen, but this time I have absolutely no idea. Without spoiling too much, I can’t believe they went the direction they did so quickly, I figured it would come much faster. I’ve never been more excited for a TV show…ever
  • Bioshock Infinite was the best Bioshock by far. I think that Shaun’s explanation of the ending was dead on, and I really liked the feel of this one so much more than the other two. There’s something that connects me to a main character who speaks so much more than to one that is the silent protagonist. While the Big Daddy and Jack were fun to play, being able to delve into the character of Booker was just the cherry on top of a great game.

I don’t have pictures of Stacy Keibler like Chris does…but I have a cute wedding picture! Til next time everyone!

Don't we look happy?
Don’t we look happy?

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