“Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright” Coming to America!


Listen, I don’t even care about it’s mixed-to-positive reviews or lukewarm reception by the Japanese public – who like to buy panties out of vending machines, I’d like to point out – Layton vs. Ace Attorney is coming to North America!

CAW! That’s the eagle of America shouting for joy upon hearing this news. As he flies, the American flag clutched tightly in his talons, he shares the news of my most anticipated future release to all.

After three years of waiting since its announcement, fans will finally get to play this game in 2014. Prepare yourself by replaying the entire series of both of these franchises. Personally, I’m only on Layton 2, so I need to get busy.

You excited? Let me know!


6 thoughts on ““Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright” Coming to America!

  1. I was so excited when I heard this today! Now I have to finish the rest of the second game and Apollo Justice. I should probably work on finishing the Layton games too.

    1. When you’re going through Layton’s, we need to do joint updates! Because those games can be sonofabitches…

      1. Sounds like a plan! The Layton games are fun, but somehow I always feel really stupid when I work on a puzzle, get frustrated with it, and then find out later that the solution isn’t as hard as I thought it was…

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