5 Predictions for Breaking Bad Season 5

Look…this is a prediction article. If you haven’t seen the first half of season 5, don’t be surprised when you read some spoilers below:

The wait is finally over for fans of Breaking Bad. This Sunday, the best show on television returns to tell us the rest of Walter White’s story.

I’ve been waiting nearly a year for this. It was September of last year when Hank was sitting on the toilet figuring out that the infamous Heisenberg was right next to him the entire time. (Man, Hank sure takes a long time in the bathroom doesn’t he?) Since that time, all Breaking Bad fans can only imagine what is going to happen to Hank and Walt as their inevitable showdown commences. Specifically though, what’s going to happen? Ask any fan of the show and they probably have a theory, but fortunately you’ve stumbled into mine for the final 8 episodes:

1. Hank doesn’t arrest Walt…right away – We can only imagine what Hank was thinking sitting there in Walt’s bathroom, seeing the note from the deceased Gail to his “other favorite WW.” I tend to think that Hank will be completely humiliated by this revelation, and will make it his mission to catch Walt. Since he is humiliated by having Walt right under his nose, he’ll give Walt a head start of some sort. Most likely a subtle warning in the form of “Hey Leaves of Grass, that’s a pretty good book right?” while clearly showing Walt that he’s figured it out. This will give Walt time to get out of town and adopt a new identity like we see in the first episode of the fifth season. From there, Hank will begin his pursuit of Heisenberg.

2. We haven’t seen the last of Gus – Well, not exactly. Going back again to the first episode of season 5, we see Walt on his 52nd birthday (about a year after the events in the beginning of season 5) buying an extremely large weapon for a dealer. Who is this for? Why would he need that kind of weapon except if he was going on some sort of frontal assault? I have a feeling that these last 8 episodes will give us a glimpse of Gus’ Chilean history, and some of his Chilean friends who will want to meet the murderer of the meth kingpin.

3. Holly is going to die – That’s right, the sweet little innocent baby that hasn’t done anything wrong is not going to make it. I only say this because of the boundaries that this show has pushed up to this point. They aren’t afraid of using a child to deliver drugs and then killing that child off when he becomes an inconvenience. They aren’t afraid of killing hundreds of innocents either, remember the plane crash? I’m pretty sure that no one had anything to do with the meth game on that plane, yet they died just the same. I have a feeling as Holly grows up she’s going to somehow get a hold of the yet-unsuccessful-ricin poison and eat it like a Pixy Stix. It will be sad, horrifying, cause waves throughout all of America and push Walt over the edge leading to…

4. Walt’s death – As much as I hate to say it, Walt’s as good as dead at the end of this journey. The only question is, what is going to do him in?

a. Cancer – We’ve been hinted that while his cancer is in remission, it’s not gone. Skyler had wished that his cancer would return, and most likely it will come back in full force. I think I would like this ending the least, though it would have a good “coming full circle” feeling to the odyssey of Walt.

b. The Cartel – They aren’t happy with Walt for killing the Twins, Gus, and taking over the meth kingdom and walking away. They’ve got a score to settle and the manpower to do it.

c. Hank –I think it will be the most likely ending. After Hank allows Walt to get his head start, he’ll then start tracking him down and collecting evidence on his own, without the help of the DEA (as he would be ruined if they found out his own Brother in Law was the #1 most wanted drug dealer in the area). Hank will go to Jesse to not only get information, but put him away for his previous crimes. As we saw from the final episode, Jesse is terrified of Walt and doesn’t look at Walt as a friend due to Walt losing his morality over the course of the show. Jesse will cut a deal with Hank to help track down Walt, and the end will come directly from Hank’s hand as Walt tries to kill Hank.

5. The end will not be happy – Come on, the only way this show can have a “happy” ending is if they really want to throw us for a twist. But if somehow the ending is Walt sitting down, watching TV with Skyler and the kids, is that a happy ending? Strangely enough no, there’s no possible way this can end with people being happy, they’ve come way too far.

Of course, there’s one prediction that I won’t “make” but I think would send shock waves and really piss everyone off: If we remember that Walter’s lawyer Saul has a person that can change people’s identities, and we also remember that actor Bryan Cranston played Hal on the old series “Malcom in the Middle” the end is then obvious. Walter goes on the run and becomes Hal with a brand new family and a brand new life. It turns out that Breaking Bad was actually just a prequel for a comedy show.

Obviously I’m kidding about that last prediction. With all seriousness, Breaking Bad has been one of my favorite shows ever made, and absolutely the best drama TV series that I’ve ever watched. The amount of twists and turns that we’ve seen on this work of art, along with the amount of jaw dropping moments will have me looking fondly at this show for the rest of my life. Somehow, creator Vince Gilligan has created a product where I have absolute faith in his vision. The way he has crafted this amazing story, with all the intricacies makes me think that I will be glued to my TV every Sunday until that final fade to black in 8 weeks. I’m happy to see it coming to an end, but I’m sad that it’s ending.

2 thoughts on “5 Predictions for Breaking Bad Season 5

  1. Very nice work here! I’m hoping to see some loose ends tied up in the last few episodes revolving around Jesse and Walt – specifically about the death of Jane and the poisoning of Brock. The heightening of Walt’s manipulation of Jesse over the past couple seasons makes me lean towards the possible finale in which Jesse kills Walt. Of course, they could end up riding off into the sunset in a camper.

    I, too, hate to see Breaking Bad go. I know some good shows are on the horizon, but I doubt any will compare.

    1. So…So far I’ve been kind of right on a couple of these, but not really. Is there any way to predict what’s going to happen on this show??

      Cary, what have you thought so far?

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