Hints at the Tomb Raider Sequel

Hey Everyone! So some of you may have already heard by now, but Tomb Raider is getting a sequel! Huzah!

Only it’s not just getting a sequel! Like LadyCroft3 over at Geek Force wrote about, Tomb Raider is also getting a comic book to bridge the two games together! Excited!

Not only did I love the soundtrack for Tomb Raider, but I also loved the game in general. In fact I just finished my 3rd playthrough of it (this time on the PC).

So I’d like to take the time today to look into some of the (sparse) facts and tidbits that were hinted at during the ending of the game regarding Lara’s future. As you might imagine, that means there’s GOING TO BE SOME SPOLIERS. IF YOU HAVEN’T BEAT TOMB RAIDER YET, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO SO NOW.


Anyway, now let’s talk about that book…

tombraider2013031212531Lara stares at this book during the closing moments of the game, all while talking about needing to uncover the mysteries of world now that she knows the supernatural is quite real. This book seemingly provides hints at what Lara will look into next, here’s a break down of what’s on the pages… (If you’re looking for a better image of what’s in the book, don’t worry, the internet’s got you covered. Thanks to all you intrepid explorers over on the Eidos Games forums for digging this stuff up!)

1) Cyrillic text referring to God knows what…

2) A note saying “3” and “III”. We’ll touch on this in a sec…

3) The German phrase, “Sie ist der Schlüssel” which mean “She is the key.”

4) The words “Croatoan“, which is more then likely a reference to the lost colony of Roanoke.

5) The German word “drunter”, which means “Underneath” or “Below”.

6) A map of some unknown place.

7) A picture of a cave or opening of some sort with a person in front of it holding what looks to be a spear.

8) A partial drawing of a spear, hidden behind the cyrillic note.

What does this all mean? Beats me. But the evidence would suggest that Lara may very well be going state-side to look into the lost colony of Roanoke, and that a girl and a spear will probably be important to figuring out what’s going on/finding the lost colony. The ‘threes’ also suggest a possible connection to the “Trinity” group that Lara hears about on two separate occasions during her exploration of Yamatai. We know next to nothing of this group, other then that Rhianna Prachett herself is refusing to comment on them at this time. Which means they’re probably important, haha.

Other then that though… we got nothing! Indeed, there it really no guarantee that the next game even dives into this stuff. Perhaps the comic book will, or it’ll serve as the intro/set-up for how Lara gets herself into trouble during the next game. At this point, your guess is as good as mine.

So what do you think everyone? What does it all mean? Or perhaps more importantly, what do you want to see in the next game? It’d be awfully convenient for Lara to get stuck on an island twice… so how would you like to see them deliver on the gameplay we love without tossing the new formula for the old one?

everglade(All these beautiful screenshots were taken by Deadendthrills.com)

2 thoughts on “Hints at the Tomb Raider Sequel

  1. Oh man, if the next game focuses on Roanoke I will explode into a puff of unicorns, rainbows, and cupcakes. That would be simply amazing. No other game (that I know of) has really touched on the lost colony of Roanoke so that idea is particularly intriguing to me.

    I can’t wait for that comic series now, maybe we will get more clues then!

  2. I’m not too concerned with location or story. I really want this game to focus more on what makes Tomb Raider as a series special: challenging platforming and puzzles. The reboot got away from the adventure elements too much in favor of action/setpieces. But even worse was that when platforming and puzzles were involved, they had no semblance of challenge. It was kind of a shame.

    I think they had some good ideas in the reboot, but they need to look to the past a bit for the sequel. Try and find a balance between the reboot and classic TR elements.

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