Number Thirteen With a Bullet

I spent a lot of time in the last week revamping our Youtube page, working on solutions for the live show, and losing games of Smash Up. So it wasn’t all bad. Plus, Dave and Molly managed to make it up to Flagstaff for a night — the main cast was united for a 24-hour span. But that means it’s time for everyone’s favorite violence-related post series!

  • I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding getting sick for the better part of 2013. I’ve been fortunate enough to inherit an above average immune system, but I run into trouble in stressful situations because my body will survive through that stretch, and then get run down all at once. The last couple days have felt kinda like that — I’m not sick, but I feel tired and lethargic. It’s part of why these bullets are happening as we speak.
  • We will have announced it through Twitter and other mediums as well, but there won’t be a live show tonight. If you listened to last week’s podcast (on Thursday, not the live version), you probably noticed that all of our sound bumpers and audio drop-ins, like Molly’s headline reads, were screwed up and sounded distorted. Couple that with the known volume disparity glitch we’re trying to figure out, and it’s just not the right time for us to be live yet. That said, we greatly enjoyed doing the first show and the potential for this platform is there — we just have to figure out why all this fancy audio equipment is not cooperating.
  • Bullets equal the one time I get to talk about the Suns, so here we go. I’m impressed with new GM Ryan McDonough’s moves so far. The Eric Bledsoe trade was solid for both major teams involved, and while I liked Jared Dudley, he didn’t have a place on a rebuilding team. Early first-round pick Alex Len was a bit of surprise with Noel and McLemore on the board still, but apparently the front office really liked him. Late first-rounder Archie Goodwin displayed a ton of talent in the Summer League. And McDonough got a 2014 first-round pick from the Pacers (as well as a couple young players) for Luis Scola, whom the Suns essentially picked up for free. The road is still uphill, but at least the car has an engine now.
  • I broke down some of the video games I was most excited about in a post from a couple weeks ago, and this time next week, that train pulls out of the station with what might be my No. 1: Tales of Xillia. We briefly considered doing that game as part of our Game On series, but it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare (and probably 50 to 60 hours long to boot). On the plus side, I’ll be able to enjoy playing through Xillia without the pressure of talking constantly through the whole thing. I enjoy doing Game Ons quite a bit, but there’s something to be said for being able to swear, make inside jokes and quietly enjoy great moments sometimes.
  • And finally, Stacy Keibler is done with George Clooney, so she’s quite fascinated that you finished this post.


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