Superheroes in 2014 – Movie Previews and Release Dates

We live in the future. And while we might not (yet) have flying cars or colonies on Mars, we have printers that can make artificial organs, robots that fight our wars, and Superhero movies as ambitious as the times we live in. This is what entertainment looks like on the edge of tomorrow–2014!

Feb 7–RoboCop

The original RoboCop was an over-the-top satire of 80’s America–a sci-fi, action movie classic that holds a special place in our hearts. Also: a cop gets shot a million times and becomes robot that later becomes a real life statue in the heart of Detroit. BIG SHOES TO FILL!


Apr 4–Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cap’s an audience surrogate–a movie-goer in the movie that asks the questions we’d ask and feels the things we’d feel. So how’s he going to process waking up in the future, learning everyone he knew is dead, and finding out his best friend is alive and a bad guy?! That’s right: Bucky’s back!

Captain America fights Jax.
Captain America fights Jax.

May 2–The Amazing Spider-Man 2

What’s all this fight one bad guy at a time stuff? But bad guys don’t wait in line to act out their plans! They’re always running around, bumping into each other at the banks they’re robbing, and generally causing chaos chaotically. So the recent rumors that this Spider-Man franchise is building to a showdown against the Sinister Six means Peter Parker’s going to have a full plate! Rhino and Electro are already confirmed; and the Vulture, Green Goblin, and Menace are rumored to play too–so if Peter Parker wants to finish his degree on time he’s gonna have to switch to an online college!

Jaime Foxx as Electro.

May 23– X-Men: Days of Future Past

This is X-Men at its most “Mutant = race” finest. Mutants from a strongly anti-mutant future time travel into the past to tone down the mutant-hate. That means plenty of mutants, young and old, using their powers to fight fight fight!

Sentinel head, courtesy of Comic Con.
Sentinel head, courtesy of Comic Con.

June 6– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtles isn’t just a merchandise juggernaut; it’s a touchstone of childhood memories. Playing Ninja Turtles 3 on NES; singing the Ninja Rap at the movie theater; showing up to school on Halloween as one of 20 Ninja Turtles– so let’s hope this movie’s less of a Donatello and more of a Michelangelo (or maybe even a Raphael–the thinking man’s turtle)!

Raphael. Yeah, he lifts.
Raphael. Yeah, he lifts.

Aug 1– Guardians of the Galaxy

I always want more from comic book movies–crazier characters, more super powers, wilder stories, and reaching deeper into comic book mythos. THIS IS IT. A Space Opera where a jacked Chris Pratt (of Parks and Recreation) leads a team of heroes (including a fighting raccoon!) against Thanos—-a bad guy so powerful he’s the main boss in a Marvel video game and Avengers 2. Get me that X-Men time machine now! “Umm, we’re using that to repair human/mutant relations.” Shut up; there’s a fighting raccoon!

The ensemble.
The ensemble.


-Guest post by Courtney Gordner. Courtney is a journalist/blogger with a passion for..everything! Read more from her on her own blog, 

One thought on “Superheroes in 2014 – Movie Previews and Release Dates

  1. Yeah, I heard Rocket Raccoon was getting a movie and my care factor for every other superhero/comic book movie dropped… I mean, they’ll be great (I hope), but damn it, give me Rocket Raccoon right now!

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