Game On: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Part 3)


Edward, if you die, the whole mission is over! Edward, get out of there! What’s wrong with you?!

After thoroughly enjoying Fire Emblem Awakening, the ATB crew tackles another game in the series (and one that can actually be recorded with the setup we have): Fire Emblem – Radiant Dawn. Chris and Shaun are taking on the entire game in this playthrough, living with the consequences as they go. If characters die, they die FOREVERSZ.

Have a game you want to see us suffer through play next? Let us know in the comments or by sending us an email. Now that this is a series, we’ve created its own page, which you can see here. It’ll list all the games we’ve done so far and what might be coming next.

It’s time to live or die on the battlefield. Game on.

2 thoughts on “Game On: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Part 3)

  1. Um, is this the part where I wish you went and played Path of Radiance and then played Radiant Dawn ;_; (and yeah, I know, late in letting you know etc, but I disappeared and stuff)

    1. Believe me, we tried. But PoR is a tough game to find these days for less than a million dollars and I couldn’t get my recording software to work right with the emulato– that is, it’s a tough game to find.

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