Claire Hummel’s Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

Hey everyone! Some of you may recall my post a little ways back about the concept artists for Bioshock: Infinite that featured historically accurate underwear for Rosalind Lutece. Well it turns out that Claire Hummel, also known as Shoomlah on Deviant art, has also decided to grace us with some “historically” accurate Disney Princesses! I say “historically” because she does her best to work within the frameworks provided by the movies and the movies are, often, horribly inaccurate. So she does what she can. The artwork speaks for itself though! (Spoiler: it’s fantastic!)

Be sure to swing by her page, favorite all her stuff and check out the full gallery! Here are some of my favorites…

in_sixteen_hundred_seven_by_shoomlah-d3g7zdcit__s_not_my_style_by_shoomlah-d4b7xa8a_sight_lovely_to_see_by_shoomlah-d3e0ws8who_always_speaks_her_mind_by_shoomlah-d4azykrso_familiar_a_gleam_by_shoomlah-d3jmukyOh! And Happy 4th of July Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Claire Hummel’s Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

  1. I remember stumbling upon this when I was browsing the internet. I didn’t know she was responsible for these beautiful works of art. My personal favorites are Tiana, Jasmine, and Mulan. 🙂

    1. I really like the detail in Mulan’s dress, especially in the little jade ornament she’s got attached to it. As well as the little fur bit on Aurora’s dress and those little henna tattoos on Jasmine..

      But I think my favorite would have to be Pocahontas, especially with that rifle of hers. Although it’s hard to deny the charm of Tiana’s flapper-esque dress. I think I just have a preference for the more “modern day” Princesses and styles,

      That… or my appreciation for sexy legs is showing, haha. It’s just now occurred to me that they’re the only ones showing any leg. Opps, lol. Oh well! >.<

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