The “Am I a Real American?” Quiz

So tomorrow is the Fourth of July! That great holiday where we celebrate our independence by blowing stuff up!

I’ve always loved the Fourth of July. Not only because of the festivities that come with it, but because I really do feel that we live in the greatest country in the world. Of course I love having a day where we can grill some meat, have a few cold drinks and watch some fireworks, but I’m also reminded that we are lucky enough to be able to have a day like this!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to several different countries in my life, and each time I’ve traveled, I’ve seen people living in conditions that no American ever would. So, despite how many times people complain about America and its problems, it’s still the best country in the world.

So in honor of this great country, I’ve put together a quiz on American history, give it a shot!

1. What significant event occurred at Lexington and Concord in 1775?

A. Samuel Adams Brewed the first of his world Famous Beers
B. The first battle of the Revolutionary War Broke out
C. At the Buzzer was conceived when Shaun Washington and David Jefferson argued about which type of tea was better.
D.  Benjamin Franklin Flew his famous kite, proving lighting was a form of electricity

2. Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

A. John Wilkes Booth
B. Chris Etling
C. Lee Harvey Oswald
D. Shaun El-Ters

3. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called the:

A. The Good Book
B. Washington’s Wisdoms
C. The Bill of Rights
D. America’s Handbook

4. Lincoln’s speech in 1863 is known as:

A. Lincoln’s peace rap
B. The Emancipation Proclamation
C. Episode 1 of “At the Buzzer”
D. The Gettysburg Address

5. The shortest presidential term was 30 days. Who served it, and why was it so short?

A. Rutherford B Hayes – Was killed in that famous duel with Alexander Hamilton.
B. William Henry Harrison – He died after catching Pneumonia giving the longest Presidential inauguration speech to date.
C. Shaun El-Ters – Cried himself to death
D. Richard Nixon – He was forced to resign after a break in at the Watergate Hotel.

Now…in all honesty that was a pretty easy quiz, and I know that my loyal, intelligent readers got every question right without looking anything up (Answers below…just in case). So while you celebrate your holiday this Fourth of July, make sure to take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are that 237 years ago, 56 people signed their lives away to create this wonderful country that we live in today.

Answers:  B, A, C, D, B

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