ATB Focus Group Party Parade, Round 2

Welcome to At The Buzzer’s second annual “Focus Group Party Parade Vote Thing!” The goal of this survey is to measure how you guys, the fans, feel about the direction of the podcast, the site, and the youtube channel, among other things. Your feedback is extremely important to us, and WILL dictate decisions about our fledgling multi-media empire. This is your chance to make your voice HEARD.

More than a year ago, we posted our “focus group” article to measure how you guys felt – BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU – and it was an unmitigated disaster. To put it nicely. We got one response, and it was Dave’s mom. That’s not a joke. And while we love that Mary listens to the show and responded!!!!!!! we really need more feedback than the mother of a host.

So we appreciate seriously so much we can’t even say you taking the time to answer these questions. I’ve inserted blurbs between each answer to keep you going. Please remember to be honest in the responses – the only way we’re gonna get better blah blah you know the rest.

See, that wasn’t so hard. Now time for text strip tease. I’M TAKING OFF MY SOCKS.

Don’t think for a second there’s ever a time when Mute Babies’ not watching you.

There was no way I was going to see Getaway, but then I saw Selena Gomez was in it. Now there’s no way I’m not NOT seeing it.

If I had a Master Ball, I’d throw it at Channing Tatum.


This isn’t actually happening. You’re just having a very bad dream.

Whoever said they called the twist at the end of Fight Club is lying.

Close your eyes. Consider for a moment, if you will, what would have happened if Michael Jordan had lost the game in Space Jam.

Dark confession – I don’t know how to do the Electric Slide. Like at all.

And you’re done! If you took the time to answer this, I can’t even explain to you how much it means to us! We’ll be sure to take it all into consideration as we go forward!

And we totally owe you one. Just call it in whenever.

You’re welcome.

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