Ep. 100 – Podcast thanks and shout-outs 101

Podcast thanks and shout-outs 101

OBLIGATORY HUNDREDTH EPISODE POST! For the past two years-ish, our team has been working hard at and bleeding for (and on top of, and all over) this podcast and website. It’s still amazing to me this idea that we’re striving to make something out of nothing, but sometimes, we get so far in these trenches we forget to give thanks and recognition to everyone who has contributed to make this possible.

So, I wanted to take a second to do just that – from the top to the bottom, I want to say thank you to everyone who has played a part in making our little podcast and website what it is today, and who will be responsible for if it even grows into anything more. THIS ONES FOR THE GIIIRRRRLLLSS.


I like to joke that Chris is the laziest person on the show, but would you believe that’s not actually the case? A lot of credit, and just short of all of the credit, goes to Chris, because, other than spending double digit hours every week on the show and site (not even counting recording time), this thing was also his brain child. I never would have in a million years even thought of this as a possibility, and the fact that we have continued to post weekly and generate content weekly rests on his very tall shoulders. So the show sounding nice? That’s Chris. Website design? Chris. Game-On videos…existing in any form? Chris. New show segments. Yeah. You guessed it. Research into future expansion? Still him. Advertising? Me. Just kidding, that’s Chris, too.

Along with a million other responsibilities, some of which I’m probably not even aware of. Not to mention he posts weekly as well, and is actually in all of our content. So he’s like the back-end guy that no one ever talks about and doesn’t get any credit, except he’s also the front end guy and face of the production. Chris is the engine of the At The Buzzer Media Conglomerate Super Company, and we literally could not do it without him.


Dave’s contribution is that he grills some really solid, above average steaks.


No, I’m just kidding – I have more to say about Dave. Not only does Dave bring really valuable insight into the show every week, he also does a lot of behind the scenes work, and is our “go to” business guy for questions about expansion and eventually taking over the world. We constantly make fun of his business background, but it has been really beneficial to us more than once already, and will only continue to grow as we forge ahead. It also sounds like a cheap compliment, but I think it’s worth mentioning the role Dave’s family has played in all of this. Dave’s dad, Tony, is our producer, who is always supporting us and encouraging us to continue to think bad; Dave’s sister Molly contributes to the show (which I’ll get to); and Dave’s mom, Mary, is one of our biggest fans. Which almost makes Dave the MVP by proxy, especially when you consider my family doesn’t even though this podcast exists.

Molly (for reals)

Other than being my future wife, Molly is amazing because somehow, she found a way to do headline reads from Korea for a year. Which is important because without her voice, the sausage fest of our voices would be unbroken for the entire duration of the show. Her stint on the show replacing Dave was great, and as you’ll find in episode 100, her singing ability is pretty incredible as well. Molly is an important part of everything we do, and I would say it’s probably a safe bet to expect more Molly in the future…that is, if we ever let her out of the basement. I’m leaning towards no.

I like to believe this is the ATB crew in another dimension. Nice frosted tips, Chris.
I like to believe this is the ATB crew in another dimension. Nice frosted tips, Chris.


Jason seems to have a hand in every aspect of our show in some way. He’s featured on quite a few of our Game-Ons (you might recognize him as Australian Druggy Yellow Toad), he has guested on multiple podcast episodes and Youtube videos, and on top of that, he blogs for the site as well. His jack-of-all-trades approach has contributed to the quality of our production in a big way, and what’s great about his content is that it’s well-written and engaging, but it also covers a wide range of interests and topics that we would probably never get to. This makes it so important to the variety and versatility of our site. And now that he’s graduated, his impact on the show will be greater than ever. MORE POWAH


And now for our sexy LA correspondent, Mr. Gary Sundt. For being a guy who works 80 hours a week brushing shoulders with Hollywood big-wigs, Gary’s dynamic impact on At The Buzzer is truly impressive. In a way, Gary is, and has been, our secret weapon for exciting new directions for the show. His Buzz Focus segments were a genius way to recap the relevant news in entertainment in bite sized doses every week; his Ebert and Armond reviews (and more recently, Zombiebert) bring a fresh angle to the site through hilarious comic panels; and his guest spots on the show have ranged from super entertaining to extraordinarily super entertaining – I’d be remiss to not talk about the episode we did in HELL together, aka “Dave’s air conditioner killed itself during recording.” Rather than getting bummed out and bitchy, Gary brought energy that we all fed off of, leading to one of our best, zaniest shows yet. Even now, we’re discussing brand new avenues to venture down with the show and site, and look forward to his future guest episodes on the show that are already guaranteed to be awesome. Let’s just hope that when he makes his big break in Hollywood, he doesn’t forget his time with ATB…and rewards us by securing us a 15 million dollar deal with Sony’s podcast division.

Tech guy

The silent steward. The mute maestro. The quiet…I can’t think of a word that starts with Q. The point is, Tech Guy has left a dramatic impact on the show, and he’s done it without speaking. Once. Seriously. Which brings into question if he’s done anything at all.

But he has, and here’s what:

  • Developed and wrote Checkpoints with us.
  • Silently plays through four player Game-Ons with us, including NBA 2K, Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Left4Dead.
  • Developed and wrote Going the Distance comics.
  • Serves as an informational resource when we record episodes, and looks up any factual relevance to the dumb things I say every five minutes.
  • Is ATB’s official photographer and videographer.

He’s basically our Guardian Angel, sent from Heaven to help us in our quest for world domination. And to make our lives miserable through his proxy, Luigi.

The Fialas

Brothers. Friends. Lovers. The Fialas have been a great resource for our show almost from day one. Nick writes guest blogs for our show, and in every one, makes it clear that his intelligence is above our pay grade. And if you’ve ever found yourself wanting to develop your own hydroponic garden, then have I got a deal for you! His guest spot on the podcast was also great, but he loses a point because he chose Chris as the winner of Buzz Questions. Seriously? Seriously? Forgedabbutit.

Doug’s contributions to the show have also been solid – not only is he one of our staunchest(?) Youtube supporters, it was out of the kindess of his heart – and his disinterest in the Wii U line up- that allowed us to play through New Super Mario Bros. Wii U. Technically, that means he’s responsible for the bloodlust and primal carnage that is Tech Guy’s Luigi, but I’m willing to forgive him for that because of his constant support and frequent comments. When I’m in the batting box, and I point to the stands…I’m pointing to you, Doug.

The community

We’re going to get to a fair share of this in episode 100, but I don’t think enough can be said about this community of talented bloggers, podcasters, streamers, writers, and everything in between. Building this geek community with you has easily been one of the most significant highlights of this whole endeavor, and every day I look forward to interacting with you and continuing to grow. I truly believe this is just the start of a really bright, really promising future for all of us, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I feel like I’m always learning something new from you guys, which is a really rewarding, enriching element that I never would have expected from this. You’re all awesome, and it’s a privilege to know and work with you on exciting projects, and sharing this process together.

The fans

Some of you double up as community, but you know who you are. Now, that might seem like a cop out, but I don’t dare try listing all of you and risk leaving someone out. But it’s your contributions, your interactions, your comments, and your feedback that truly fuel everything we’re doing. We can’t even explain what it was like when we started getting consistent stuff from you guys. “Wait…someone read our stuff…and liked it?! It wasn’t an accident that they stumbled across our site?” The notion that we can even say “fans” is still such a humbling experience, and an absurd notion to me, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, because what even is a gift horse and that sounds awful. Let me just say thanks from the bottom of my heart, and even if you never comment or read our stuff again, you’ve already made it all worth it.

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