Amazing Spiderman 3 and 4 announced – What about Spiderman/Venom?

The Amazing Spiderman 3 and 4 have been announced, and I’m slightly disappointed.

I enjoyed the original fine enough, and love the cast. I also thought the original was a little rushed and hastily cut, hiding a much better movie beneath what we saw. The potential is there.

Really, I’m just disappointed because it contradicts the much more exciting rumors. Spiderman is now owned by a different studio than Marvel, so while Peter Parker showing up in the Avengers isn’t impossible, necessarily, it’s extremely unlikely. I’m not foolish enough to hold out hope for that. What I am disappointed about, however, is that this seems to mean the Spiderman/Venom crossover film isn’t happening.

A few months ago, someone involved in the studio (someone legit, I don’t think it was like the lot janitor or anything) hinted that the plans for the studio would be to release a Venom movie in the future, and then build that towards a team up of Spiderman and Venom, perhaps taking on the Sinister Six or Carnage.

Do the announcements of 3 and 4 mean this isn’t happening anymore? Not necessarily. But I’m already chomping at the bit for this film, so news of other movies seem anticlimactic at this point. And why not – we keep talking about it on the show, but the fact that DC isn’t copying Mavel’s “Phase” plan is ridiculous. They’ve proven it works, people! Audiences enjoy seeing established characters join up in film. Of course they do. So take advantage!

What about you? What would you like to see in Spiderman 3 and 4?

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