The Official Soundtrack for The Legend of Korra

Hey everyone! Just a quick update. It was just announced that an official soundtrack for The Legend of Korra, Book One: Air, will be released on July 16th. Swing by The Wall Street Journal to check out the full playlist and listen to one of the tracks, “Republic City Under Attack”.

Since an official soundtrack was never released for the original Avatar series, we can only hope that the reception to this is positive enough to convince the big-wigs over at Nick to push one through. The Avatar series has had some of the most emotional and moving music I’ve ever seen in an animated series. Who can forget the haunting jingles of the Blue Spirit? Or the sheer power and emotion that was on display during Zuko’s Agni Kai with Azula?


Bits of the soundtrack have sneaked out over the years, but never the full thing. So do your civic duty on the 16th and pay good money for this thing. The Track Team deserves a little recognition and kick-pack for all the hard work they’ve poured into the Avatar series, so be sure to thank them the proper way…

With your wallet.


[UPDATE:] Sorry everyone! But I apparently can’t read and saw “July” as “June”. So don’t go and get too excited yet! I apologize for any confusion!

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