New Pokemon and Fairy-Type Revealed for Version X/Y

After months of speculation, Nintendo has finally announced an all new type for Pokemon X and Y, Fairy type. In reality, many fans theorized that this would be the direction of the new type, though most believed it would be “light” type.

According to the announcement, this type will be super effective against Dragon (further nerfing the dragon type, though I’ll reserve balancing judgement until I actually play the game). Along with Sylveon, the newly announced Eevee evolution, certain Pokemon, like Jigglypuff, will be retroactively typed, similar to how Steel worked in previous versions.

This announcement is significant because it’s also the first time the series has introduced a new typing since its second generation, with Dark and Steel. X and Y looks like it’s going to continue to push the series in exciting new directions.

As far as new Pokemon, the first is Noivern, a dragon-flying type that utilizes sound waves for its attack (this won’t actually have any bearing on battle, but it’s still cool).

The other is Vivillion, who, with this announcement, has already shot up my list of Pokemonz I plan to have on my team. It’s like the Ferrari version of Butterfree. While it’s typing is sort of unfortunate (bug and flying – AGAIN with the flying), it still looks really cool, and everyone knows the only way to build your team is purely off aesthetics.

Dance for me, butterfly.
Dance for me, butterfly.

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