PS4 Details Emerge; $399, Later This Year


Well, I didn’t think I was going to be amazed by anything at E3, but the way Sony has destroyed Microsoft? That caught my attention.

Let’s be clear: Somehow, Sony managed to reveal the PS4 before any announcements were made on Microsoft’s new system, and then they let MS walk into a trap. They got the first word months ago, and they got the last word at E3. Just hours after the Xbox One was announced at $499, the PS4 one-upped that and dropped a $399 bomb on the One’s Beaver Cleaverville.

And to add to the brutality, Sony even brought up some of Microsoft’s strategies directly, saying that there would be no restrictions on used games and no forced online checks. They essentially took advantage of a surprisingly unified backlash against the Xbox One’s decisions and parlayed it into an advantage for themselves.

There was plenty of other news at the conference, including some good (Final Fantasy XV, a slick NBA 2K14 next-gen trailer, and … Kingdom Hearts 3?!) and some bad (mandatory Playstation Plus for online on the PS4, a mediocre look for the system itself). There will be plenty of time to discuss that in the days ahead. But it’s hard to fathom any argument that Microsoft looks better than Sony at the moment, by any metric whatsoever. And this is from an impartial observer who has owned all three systems and isn’t necessarily sure his money will go anywhere in the next generation (although the Xbox One is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind right now).

We’ll see what the rest of E3 brings. But on day one, Sony knocked it out of the park. And Microsoft should be ashamed.

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