Number Twelve With a Bullet

Chinese proverb: If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of bullets.

We survived the month of May. I’m not sure if people understand what a monumental achievement that was with everything that was happening. Now I’m almost done playing catch-up with both this site and GFN, but other than writing about the Xbox One’s high price point, I don’t have much of a topic. Bullets it is!

  • Shaun already touched on this in his own post, but $500 for the Xbox One pretty much eliminates the slim chance I had of picking one up at launch. I know, the PS3 launched at an even more ludicrous price point (and was appropriately mocked for it) — I didn’t buy one of those either until the price went down. I’m not much of a PC gamer, but when systems start to move into this price range, it’s almost a smarter choice just to invest in a rock-solid gaming rig over an entertainment hub that limits your game usage, requires internet and shuns its hardcore fan base.
  • The rest of E3 is ongoing as we speak, but for me, the big point of the year is early fall. That’s when I’ll be playing quite a few titles that I’m excited about, like Tales of Xillia, Saints Row 4, Pokemon X/Y, NBA 2K14, Grand Theft Auto V and much more. This is a positive in my book because toward the end of 2012, I wasn’t sure there were any games I was really looking forward to in 2013. That has changed significantly since then.
  • I haven’t done a bullets yet without talking about the Suns, so let’s do that real quick. I’m impressed with the McDonough and Hornacek hires. McDonough seems to be a bright, young GM who is familiar with some of the newer advanced statistics in the game, but also carries himself well in press conferences and interviews. Hornacek is a blast from Phoenix’s past, a fan favorite who got rave reviews as an assistant. Considering that the Suns are going to suck for at least one more season, he gets a chance to work with young players and showcase his talent, while maybe encouraging a few fans to watch the train wreck based on his name alone.
  • As you may have noticed in our episode where the lead segment was in Vegas, I picked up a pretty nice webcam to try and expand some of the video stuff we do around here. One of my first goals is to re-record the two videos on YouTube where I’m playing the piano — both the video and audio quality are subpar, and I’m hoping to improve them. But it’ll also open up some other opportunities for us to do crazy things (maybe record us playing a ridiculous intense game of Formula D?) down the road. Video’s not really my expertise, but then again, neither was audio, and I’ve been pretending as best I can for more than two years now.
  • And finally, Stacy Keibler thinks you’re super terrific for reading through this post.


2 thoughts on “Number Twelve With a Bullet

  1. With Saints Row 4 coming out in a few months, I should probably try to finish 2 and 3. I love how absurd and grander things seem to be getting in this fourth installment. I think they may have succeeded in outdoing 3 and the third game is already pretty out there. And then there’s Keith David. I loved the Mass Effect reference in the trailer.

    1. SR2 is probably my favorite in the series so far — it had a pretty good balance between ridiculousness and seriousness. 3 was fun and silly, but it tried too hard to be more ridiculous in a somewhat grounded world. So I’m excited for 4, because it seems like Volition is dropping the pretense and just going as absurd as possible, in a good way.

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