Xbox One’s Disaster Reveal a Blessing in Disguise

Xbox One’s Disaster Reveal a Blessing in Disguise

And the hits just keep on coming.

It’s been a couple weeks since Microsoft unveiled their “future of gaming,” the Xbox One, to lukewarm reception, and as information has continued to roll in, things haven’t gotten better. The way the company is handling used games and required connectivity, and placing emphasis on things the consumer doesn’t really care about, has demonstrated a sharp disconnect between the company and their audience.

However, a large base of gamers, myself included, seems to be giving the Xbox One the benefit of the doubt. “Let’s wait and see what titles are announced,” we say. “Reserve judgment until E3,” we reason. “It’s all about the games, after all,” we rationalize.

And then I realized: why? Microsoft is giving us a gift right now, the chance to make a decision without the bias of our excitement, or the manipulation by the adoration we hold for our hobby.

If you’re one of the few hating on the haters, then that’s all well and good, but the majority of the gamer base has made it clear that they are not happy with the direction consoles, specifically the Xbox One, is taking gaming. The way to vote, then, is with their wallets. Microsoft is giving us the chance to make that decision, without being swayed by the upcoming announcements we’re inherently going to be excited for. With all this time to take a close look at the hardware, the focus, and the forced limitations, I’ve had time to make my decision, without being forced to consider the dilemma of “yeah, I hate that these decisions don’t benefit me, but damn, that new Halo is looking HOT.”

It’s like visiting the grocery store – when you’re starving, everything sounds good, and you spend money on impulse. But going with a full stomach allows you to make clear, rational, and smart decisions.

The truth is, it shouldn’t matter what the games are at this point – Microsoft has decided to take us down a direction that we don’t want to go, and trust me – and everyone else – when we say this is only the beginning. They will continue to try to get away with whatever they can, and they’ve made it clear their decisions are not based around what’s best for the consumer.

It’s up to us to dictate the future of our market by deciding who to give our money to, and by providing us with weeks of nothing to look at but bad announcements and features we don’t care about, I’m hoping people have gotten enough time to resolve themselves into supporting what they have been complaining about.



3 thoughts on “Xbox One’s Disaster Reveal a Blessing in Disguise

  1. Thus far Hubby and I are planning on PS4 and Wii U for the long-term spending plans. I don’t
    Think Sony can drop the bomb anymore than Microsoft already has, but I am hoping their E3 press conference doesn’t reveal similar intentions. In any case, this all makes me miss the days when you could just put a cartridge in and play a damn game lol

    1. its fine to worry about it but we have to be on even ground here and say they are trying to future-proof the system. yes they put heavy emphasis on the tv functionality but we know that’s not all it can do. lets be honest.

    2. but yes they shouldve taken more time to say that the reveal wouldn’t be game heavy. people didnt go in that mindset when watching. shouldve given themselves more time.

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