Hello World, again

nickHello again. Been a long time. I may have taken a little bit of wedding leave. I realize that other than telling you that I was growing my flowers for my wedding you probably didn’t know I was getting married, much less when the ceremony was.  My bad.

Alright everyone...  1, 2... 3...  AAWWWWWWWWWW....
Alright everyone… 1, 2… 3… AAWWWWWWWWWW….

But here I am again. This time around I’ve started a new process for developing posts. I am actually dictating this post to my phone (you may have noticed shortened sentences).  Glancing occasionally at my phone screen, I have noticed that the software for dictation is actually remarkably good, and I could theoretically dictate this post on my phone while I’m walking around with cars and people and random noises.  I’d be lying to you if I told you it didn’t require any editing at home, though.  So far so good, but I imagine at least once in my future I’m going to encounter some random thing my phone translated my speech to that will be irreconcilable.

A few updates: the calla lilies were not ready for the wedding, they never really bloomed. Until recently they were still growing just fine, but now I’m running into heat issues with the plastic they were planted in. I’m not sure if any of the bulbs in the planters can be saved, but I’ll keep at it.  I still have some bulbs that weren’t planted.  These ones are going to get a new shiny home using recycled wood from pallets in conjunction with recycled food-grade barrels.  I also want to get started on aquaponics, but the cheap way consists of me digging a decent sized hole in the backyard.  Also, Arizona is hot.  This may take a while.

I’ve also encountered a few new communities that I’ve become a fan. I used to be a fan of Grow Food Not Lawns, but recently their updates have been less gardening oriented and more vegan/vegetarian/political-environmental-agenda oriented. More often than not I’m saying, “I don’t care about this,” than, “Oh how cool!  I should build that,” so I feel I am about to leave that community. Understandably, the new communities that I am a fan of revolve around making and doing. I discovered them on Flipboard, an app for my iPad and my smartphone – one of which calls itself the Do Lectures, the other a group of people who call themselves the Makers.  I need to let my creative side out, though, as I feel like the idea of these communities is to encourage you to find your own thing to do, not necessarily look for ideas to do this weekend.

I did have an interesting idea for creative plant growth, however.  They’ve probably already been done, but I’ll try to keep the research on the ideas to a minimum in order to not spoil my own fun.  I’ve been seeing a lot of good quotes lately about the relationship between failure and success, and how people who are successful look happily on their failures.  It seems kind of against the purpose, I suppose, but I have to be able to allow myself to fail sometimes when I want to build something.  Having just read Atlas Shrugged (which a lot of people will probably call conservative propaganda – I don’t), I have become a bit obsessed with the importance of doing, which I feel is the true lesson to be learned from the book.

Also, I’ve decided that Chris and Shaun going through Super Metroid is going way too slow and decided to purchase the game on Virtual Console (which is apparently only $0.30 for the Wii U now, much better than the $8.00 I paid on the Wii). I may have “cheated” to get the varia suit earlier than they did.

My wife and I have been making our own ice cream with the ice cream maker attachment for our Kitchenaid Mixer.  So far we haven’t done anything to exciting:  Three Berry Sorbet, Snickerdoodle Ice Cream with Snickerdoodle Chunks (made this one twice), and most recently, Mint Chocolate Chip.  I love this thing.  And no, it isn’t any cheaper than buying the stuff at the store (generally), but at least you have a say in what goes into it.  I might have a new hobby.

So, in a nutshell, married life hasn’t really changed me yet so much, still playing games, still doing flowers, still interested in practical projects. On the other hand, we’re thankfully no longer saving for a wedding, so now we can aggressively pay down all of our debt so we will be bringing children into a more responsible environment. A responsible environment, for me, includes being able to teach them the important things.  Like the difference between a good video game and a bad one.  And the way of the Jedi.  And, unfortunately, the importance of letting the Wookiee win.

…  why do I get the feeling that video games tastes are going to replace music tastes as a gap between adults and their children?  Or has this already happened?

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