ZOMBIEBERT ALIVE: The Return of Ebert & Armond

Ebert & Armond: Zombiebert Alive!
Ebert & Armond: Zombiebert Alive

You just can’t keep a good film critic down. In a re-origin story of sorts, Roger Ebert returns to protect film criticism from the world’s reigning troll, Armond White!

A Note from @GSundt: Roger Ebert shaped the way I view films and film criticism, and his thoughts and commentary helped make me the writer and creator I am today (for better or worse). After his death, I considered very carefully what should happen to my still-budding comic, and this is the result. I mean this comic in complete love and reverence to both Mr. Ebert and the evolving art of film criticism. Plus, Armond White is still the worst film critic in the game today, and parodying him is just too fun to let go of anytime soon.

With that in mind, look forward to more Zombiebert & Armond here on At The Buzzer, and follow @Gsundt on Twitter for even more tacky social commentary!

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