PS4/Durango: Feel the Excitement?


So you’ve probably heard about this somewhere by now, but here goes: Microsoft is going to announce something major tomorrow with the new Xbox! And today, the day before that conference takes the nation by storm, Sony put out a teaser video with 30 seconds of blurry or hyper zoomed-in footage of what the PS4 might look like!

Maybe I’m being an old man telling kids to get off his lawn, but so far the next generation of consoles has been an absolute dumpster fire.

Just to remind you of what we know so far:

  • The Wii U has already released, but major developers like EA are saying they have no games in development, and the usual Nintendo heavy hitters like Zelda and Smash Bros. and Mario have no release dates in sight (although that may change at E3 in a month or so). The console is struggling in sales and the general population still seems to think that the Wii U is a tablet add-on to the original system and not a brand-new entity, thanks to the awful name choice — Wii 2 may sound boring, but at least it’s clear on a conceptual level.
  • Sony revealed the PS4 after months of speculation, only to give us limited views of a new controller and no look at the system whatsoever, and only listing a couple of franchises so far that will have any sort of impact at launch. Then, in what I assume is an attempt to take some of the starch out of Microsoft’s announcement, they released the video you see above. Maybe you find that teaser useful if you’re wondering what the PS4 looks like three-tenths of an inch from your face, or you’ve been really curious about what model of fan they were going to choose.
  • Tomorrow, Microsoft will have its big announcement on the 720 or the Durango or the Infinity or the Hey Look It’s The System That Gets Halo And Gears Of War And Charges You For Online Play or whatever the hell its new system will be called. I can’t be too snarky about this yet because it hasn’t happened. Unless Microsoft really shines tomorrow, however, they’re probably going to regret letting Sony get the drop on them.


Will Microsoft actually show its new system? Sony and Nintendo didn’t at the PS4 and Wii U reveals, to much criticism. Will they address the always-on rumors or comment on whether you can play used games on the system? Probably not, if Sony’s conference was any indication (although one would hope that they don’t follow the PS4’s model of changing its answer 67 times and still not having an official answer on the record).

More importantly, what is the purpose of these strung-out, uninformative reveals? Are we so distracted in today’s tech-heavy society that we need step-by-step reminders of the processes of a new console? Was the influx of social media and a bevy of posts on Twitter and Facebook not sufficient to bridge the gap between an announcement and a huge reveal at E3? And the big-money question: Do any of these companies really think that this is going to help (and not hinder) sales at launch?

Maybe folks are more excited about this than I am. Right now, you want to take a guess on how many of the next-gen consoles this versatile gamer plans on purchasing? Let me help you count them on your fingers: Look at your hands with your fingers extended, then slowly ball them up until you have no fingers showing and all you have showing is your fists. Then punch yourself in the face.

While I’m probably a Nintendo fan by trade (it’s what I grew up with), I purchased a Wii, a 360 and two PS3s in the current generation. The next generation has been so unimpressive to me that my money is going nowhere. And while the major companies probably don’t care about my drop in the ocean, the whole situation is still tremendously disappointing to me.


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