Phoenix Wright 5: Dual Destinies 2013 Announcement and Trailer

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies was announced for Fall 2013. Phoenix Wright has returned. Here is the English trailer.

As one of my favorite game series ever and an extremely close simulation about how our justice system really works, I am stoked and a little bit aroused at actually being able to understand this trailer, and the confirmation that the game WILL come out this year. We still don’t have a lot news yet: it looks like Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright might take turns at some point defending, and details are scarce on Phoenix’s new partner, Athena. Also a mystery is the new “emotion reading” gameplay mechanic, which is replacing the bracelet of truth in Apollo Justice. Probably for the better.

Even with all this mystery, if you’re a fan of the series, it’s hard not to get hyped for the fifth installment of the Ace Attorney saga.

Now we just need to get the Layton crossover…

Where? Where are you?
Where? Where are you?

13 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright 5: Dual Destinies 2013 Announcement and Trailer

  1. “HOLD IT!”



    *incredible music plays*

    I love you. (AND this announcement too!)

  2. Also, I love how in the trailer the guy on trial CORRECTLY says, “Hey, wait a minute, you have no evidence!” and Phoenix and Not-Maya are like, “Pffffft… WHATEVER.”


    So excited.

  3. I’m excited about this announcement. I thought the Phoenix Wright series was completely done after Apollo Justice came out, but it’s a good thing the developers wanted to give Phoenix another go.

    I sincerely hope the Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover does come out here. When I saw the Japanese trailer for it, it looked amazing! I also wish the sequel to the Miles Edgeworth game would come here. I really liked the first spin-off game, and was disappointed that there was no interest to bring the second one here also.

  4. All I want is Miles. Seriously. There’s no point in bringing back Phoenix to his original glory without his childhood best friend and rival (and lover), Miles. Objections not necessary.

    1. True, true, except you’re missing one vital point: Franziska is Phoenix true love, with Miles coming in a close second. Also weird is that Miles and Franziska are essentially brother and sister. Phoenix has some strange taste.

      1. Except for the fact that there’s no indication that either Fran or Feenie really love each other. And the additional fact that there’s MOUNTAINS of evidence that at least proves that Miles is head over heels in love with Phoenix.

        But you know, whatever. 😛

        1. No indication except AMAZING CHEMISTRY AND THEY’RE IN LOVE. You know what? Let’s just call it threesome and be done with it? 🙂

          1. I would seriously play a game where you just navigate Phoenix through the calamity that would be home life with Miles and Franziska. No lawyering at all. Just relationship juggling.

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