Launch of the Geek Force Network

The internet is full of assholes.

It’s just a fact. Rude, pretentious, temperamental, stuck up, ignorant, arrogant assholes. In my years of scouring the net for positive online communities, the results of my searches have ranged from mostly fruitless to entirely and utterly fruitless.

Which is what makes this last year so remarkable. Through social media and blogging interaction, we have joined an amazing online community filled with smart, funny, super cool individuals that share similar interests and desires – to make their voices heard and leave an impact, while fostering friendships and connections that will support these endeavors.

Together (and half-jokingly), we coined the moniker of Geek Force to identify us, and now we’re ready to take it a step further with the launch of the Geek Force Network (GFN). The GFN will serve as an umbrella for this community’s phenomenal, dynamic content by gathering various blogs, videos, podcasts, and streams under one roof for the unsuspecting internet audience to joyfully stumble upon. Cue confetti and rainbows. The goal is to facilitate increased content promotion while developing the network as a known, respected entity across the web.


It’s exciting times, and I couldn’t be happier to continue working with this collection of incredible people. Everyone has been so awesome and supportive from day one, and it’s been a pleasure to work, plan, and have absurd chats with them all. So please check out all of the content and contributors to GFN. There’s something for everyone, and I promise it’ll be worth your time.

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