Eternal Darkness sequel announced – Shadow of the Eternals

In what I consider is some of the biggest news of this year, an Eternal Darkness sequel, titled Shadow of the Eternals,  is looking for funding and is aiming to release on the PC and Wii U.

Screw the PS4. Screw whatever it is Microsoft is gonna release. THIS is what I’m excited for.

Planned as an episodic spiritual successor to one of the best games ever created, Shadow of the Eternals will follow news characters in an all new plot, but will implement tie ins to the original game, such as magick and the all-important sanity meter (and madness effects). Dennis Dyack, formerly Silicon Knights and now of Precursor Games, is attached to the project.

Currently, the company is undergoing a crowdfunding campaign for the game. Individuals who donate will be able to take advantage of awesome benefits, one of which includes getting to design your own insanity effects.

In case I haven’t made it clear already, Eternal Darkness is one of my favorite games ever, and a sequel to this game, even spiritual, has been at the top of my wishlist for years. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a small pang of doubt because of the nagging nightmare that is Too Human, but hopefully, Dyack has learned his lessons and will be ready to deliver another stellar survival horror experience.

Take your living room integration, motion camera, and always online – if the Wii U has the sequel to Eternal Darkness, that’s the only killer app I need to pick up the system.

I will, thank you.
I will, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Eternal Darkness sequel announced – Shadow of the Eternals

  1. OMG I loved Eternal Darkness. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who has played it lol. Designing your own insanity effects would be killer! I wish more games did what Eternal Darkness did with really messing with the player.

    1. Seriously! It was ACTUALLY scary, and the storyline was super epic and well told. Resident Evil 7 should take a page out of this game’s book, and I’m really excited to see if this sequel will build upon that foundation.

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