Link to the Past 2 Will Include Dark Realm

Recent announcements have claimed that the much anticipated A Link to the Past 2 for the 3DS will, in fact, include the Dark Realm.

The excitement. It's palpable.
The excitement. It’s palpable.

Now, this news is sort of assumed because why would it be a sequel to that game without the inclusion of Ganon’s realm, existing as a twisted reflection of Hyrule that turns people into animals. However, with this announcement, I think it’s finally starting to settle in that this truly is a sequel, which actually brings more questions than it does answers, mostly focusing on Link.

For example, at the end of the original A Link to the Past, our hero finds the Triforce. He holds the damn thing over his head, something that very of the series’ Links have gotten to do. How in the hell, then, is there a sequel, exactly? It’s the damn Triforce! Also, the presentation of Link in this game is different. Is this suggesting that it’s a different Link, and that this game is not a direct followup, or simply a difference in aesthetics (the original Link had pink hair, a design choice that, interestingly, was only conveyed in the game itself, and not any of the promotional materials).

Regardless, you have to be a corpse to not be excited for this game. The 3DS continues its recent surge in the fight for greatest handheld gaming device ever…but it still has a ways to go…


Okay, so maybe it's not as rare as I thought...
Okay, so maybe it’s not as rare as I thought…

2 thoughts on “Link to the Past 2 Will Include Dark Realm

    1. And then all the Links from all the different universes will join up and gather to smite Ganon once and for all! I like the way you think, Mike.

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