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So this insanity blog update might be considerably shorter than my usual posts. Mostly because my fiance got in a car accident yesterday (She came out totally OK  the car…not so much) and mostly because while I began month two of Insanity, I’m pretty sure that I hurt something in my back, hopefully not seriously.

Insanity was going along blissfully for me lately, I had noticed more energy in my day to day life and I had found that the workouts were getting easier to finish without taking breaks. I would substitute in basketball in place of a workout from time to time and I rarely missed a workout. (I think in all I’ve only missed 3.) So I was able to get through 30 days of this 60 day program, which sadly has been the time my body begins to break down in any previous workout regimen that I’ve gone through.

Fortunately, for people such as me, the program includes a “recovery week” right smack in the middle of the 60 days. This recovery week allows a very light workout each day designed to have your muscles recover from the hell that you have put them through in the past month. I did the recovery week workout 3 days out of the 6 recommended (probably a poor choice but I played basketball in its stead…probably a worse choice) and then felt that I was completely ready for month two.

Shaun had warned me about month two, that it ramps up the intensity and makes you work much harder than ever before. Shaun has told me he knows people who have vomited from overexerting themselves during the first week of the new month. I tried to mentally prepare myself for my next fit test and the pain that was to come.

Switch Kicks – Week 1: 100. Week 3: 117. Week 5: 120
Power Jacks – Week 1: 42. Week 3: 54. Week 5: 54
Power Knees – Week 1: 73. Week 3: 90. Week 5: 100
Power Jumps – Week 1: 31. Week 3: 40. Week 5: 50
Globe Jumps – Week 1: 8. Week 3: 12. Week 5: 12
Suicide Jumps – Week 1: 10. Week 3: 15. Week 5: 16
Push-up Jacks – Week 1: 21. Week 3: 26. Week 5: 30
Low Plank Oblique – Week 1: 36. Week 3: 50. Week 5: 59

As you can see from the fit test results…I didn’t improve too much, which I kind of expected. Despite working out on this program I felt that I was starting to plateau, and I wasn’t getting the benefit that I was at the beginning. Unfortunately the first day of the second month also includes the Max Interval…which is 1 hour straight of workout after the fit test.

Unfortunately, this is when I hurt myself, during the workout. One of the things that Shaun T (Your video trainer) emphasizes constantly is proper form, and if you can’t do the move properly, take a break and then continue later. I have a feeling that I tweaked my back doing the set of push ups that was required. I’m hoping I can continue the program soon, and may have to restart the beginning of the month again next week if I can’t finish the workout tonight.

It’s been a process for me with this program. I’m still extremely committed to finishing it, unfortunately I’ve got to get over some setbacks. Til next time!

One thought on “The Insanity Blog

  1. Sorry to hear about the car accident. Even when there’s no serious injuries it’s still stressful. Glad you’re doing your best to keep up! I’ve had a couple of hiccups myself but am still plugging along. I will say month 2 is totally humbling compared to month 1! My gawd. Third Fit Test results were marginally better or the same for me as well. I’m sure its a combo of plateauing and having less room for improvement. I was definitely in the puke zone doing my last one lol. Due to one of my hiccups I didn’t do the Max Interval Circuit with the third Fit Test (Hoping I can get it working tonight as I am due for it again) so I’ll make sure I am careful! Good luck!

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