Link to the Past Sequel Announced


Nintendo announced a ton of news in its Nintendo Direct conference this morning. Among some of the biggest reveals:

  • The company has been working on better load times for the Wii U
  • Earthbound will finally get a release on the Virtual Console
  • There’s a ton of stuff coming down the pipe for the 3DS, including a new Mario and Luigi game, a new Mario Golf, a new Mario Party, a new Yoshi’s Island, and…

There’s going to be a sequel to Link to the Past.

You have to understand going into the rest of this article that Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game, hands down. The strength of my vote alone pushed LttP all the way to 15th on our list of the best games ever. So understandably, I’m pretty excited about this news.

The follow-up will be released on the 3DS sometime this holiday season, according to most reports I read. (One of them said that it would hit the U.S. by Christmas and then Japan early next year, but that’s just silly.) It’ll feature some familiar enemies, like everybody’s favorite boss from the original pictured above. There will also be 3D features, and Link will be able to turn into a 2D painting for various puzzles and obstacles.

Nothing against remakes like the upcoming Wind Waker release or the proposed Majora’s Mask update that everyone’s been talking about, but I’m much more interested in new games. A sequel to my favorite Zelda offering? I’m on board.

7 thoughts on “Link to the Past Sequel Announced

  1. This is great news. Not just because the best Zelda game ever (Ocarina of Time? Puh-lease!) gets a sequel, but I also have another reason now to get a 3DS. Felt kinda silly to get one just to play Pokemon X and Y…

  2. Also, a return of Moldorm? Oh I can’t wait for another chance to be utterly frustrated by…him? It?

    1. Honestly, I think that’s the biggest news here. Moldorm is back. The whole story should be about Moldorm. We can find out about its history, its motivations, and what happened to it after it blew up in the first game. It’ll almost be like…a link to its past.

      …I’ll show myself out.

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