P90X Program Review (With Before/After Photos)

It’s finally over.

After a long road, I’ve completed P-90X. I’ll let any results/lack of results speak for themselves in the photos below.

 Day 1 Photos



Program Middle Photos


 Program End Photos

2013-03-29 08.42.43 2013-03-29 08.28.19

Wonderful, now hopefully I’ll never have to do that again.

Program Review

While I was a little antagonistic about it at first (which was unfair to you, P90X, and I’m sorry), I do think it’s a very solid program, depending on what exactly you’re trying to get done. Although it’s true that lifting weights raises your resting metabolism and continues to burn more calories even after you’re done, P90X is not the workout to do if you’re simply try to lose weight. For that, go to Insanity.

Speaking of Insanity, I promised a comparison between the two programs. The difference between the two is honestly apples and oranges, but I do think that Insanity takes the edge. It’s a more rigorous program, and most people will see more results, faster. However, P90X did help me put on muscle mass that was not really possible with Insanity, so it definitely has its own benefits.

I’m helping a friend finish the Insanity program (which is SO much fun), but after that, I plan on creating a cross-training regimen between P90X and Insanity. I’ll probably post a blog about it when I’m ready to dive in (which I know you’re very excited for), but my initial thoughts are 3 days of Insanity a week and 2 days of P90X. For the supplementary abdominal workouts, I’ll probably use P90X’s twice a week, because it’s more effective, but mix in one Insanity workout video to change things up.

And there’s the finale. Thanks to all/any who have been following, and at any time let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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