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I’m tired.

Like really really tired.

It’s insane (see what I did there) what Insanity has done to me lately. A lot of people say that they have more energy when they work out more. They say that since they’re active, their bodies get used to the workouts and they feel less lethargic.

After 2 full weeks of insanity, I can honestly say I haven’t felt this exhausted in a long time.

This isn’t to say that the program is not working. I feel like I’m able to complete a lot more of the workout while not taking nearly as many breaks. When I play basketball (yes I have continued to play despite my fear of being injured again) I can play much longer without feeling fatigued at all. My second fitness test certainly proves how far I’ve come as well.

Insanity has you repeat the fitness test from the first day to track your progress and see how far you’ve come in your endurance. Check out my first Insanity blog to see what each exercise consists of. Here’s the numbers for comparison:

Switch Kicks – Week 1: 100. Week 3: 117
Power Jacks – Week 1: 42. Week 3: 54
Power Knees – Week 1: 73. Week 3: 90
Power Jumps – Week 1: 31. Week 3: 40
Globe Jumps – Week 1: 8. Week 3: 12
Suicide Jumps – Week 1: 10. Week 3: 15
Push-up Jacks – Week 1: 21. Week 3: 26
Low Plank Oblique – Week 1: 36. Week 3: 50

So basically I have an across the board improvement by about 20% on average. This is despite the fact that when I did this workout I felt that my legs were about to fall off at any moment with each and every jump, yet I still was able to push through for better numbers.  I almost felt that it was my goal to just beat the number that I had previously, and so I pushed myself up to that number and took a rest. I think next time I’m going to not look at this blog or any numbers I’ve got written down in order to have a more unbiased opinion.

And now, of course what everyone’s been waiting for: Pictures!

Week 1 Front
Week 1
Week 3 Front
Week 3
Week 1
Week 1
Week 3
Week 3

As you can see, I haven’t had too much of a  body change as of yet, I just seem to be standing up a little straighter. Insanity: It’s great for your posture! However, I have felt that I’ve been losing a bit of the body fat that I’ve been carrying around my midsection and that I am a bit lighter on my feet than I was before. Also I’ve switched from black shorts to white shorts…meaning I’m exorcising the evil demons of laziness? Yeah, let’s call it that.

I can say for certainty, that despite my exhaustion, I’m glad that I’ve done this program. I feel like it’ll pay off major benefits in the long run, and I’ll look dead sexy for my honeymoon. I like the feeling that my clothes fit a little better, and I like the number that I’m seeing on the scale nowadays. Each time I feel like I have no energy to do a workout. I think of those couple of things and it gives me the will to push through. Feel free to leave me questions or your stories in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The Insanity Blog

  1. Don’t expect too much physical change in just two weeks. Your numbers are going up, and that is what it’s about! Good job! 😀

    1. But I want it NOW! Haha.

      It’s true, nothing comes quickly when it involves fitness. It’s all about being slow, steady and sticking with the program. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Great job! Your fit test improvements are great! I was so happy when I did my first Fit Test and saw how much my endurance has increased and how much stronger I am getting. In fact, yesterday I survived the entire Pure Cardio workout without stopping for a water break for the first time! When I follow the diet regimen I do feel like I have more energy most of the time…. Getting up at 5 AM to do my workouts doesn’t help the tired part but I feel your pain!

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