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Wanted to give a quick update on our YouTube channel, which is growing in leaps and bounds. If you head over to our newly redesigned homepage, and you’re not a subscriber yet, you’ll see a brand-new video welcoming you to the channel. In it, three dapper gentlemen explain what’s new on YouTube, and occasionally Shaun makes hand gestures in various directions.

Elsewhere on the channel, there are complete playlists for two of the games we’ve completed in Game On so far (New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Kart: Double Dash), as well as an assortment of Game Ons in progress, golf videos from way back when, Chris randomly playing the piano, behind-the-scenes footage of stuff for the radio show, and much more. If you haven’t subscribed already, won’t you do us a solid and click the button? It’ll help our channel grow!

New videos appear on YouTube every Monday through Friday (sometimes more often than that), and as a subscriber, you’ll be notified each time a new video drops. Doesn’t that sound hot? It sounds pretty hot.

(One final note: If you are a subscriber already, thanks! Your splash page will look a little bit different, but you can view the video we’re talking about here.)

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