Saints Row 4: Finally, super powers in an open world

I had a good time with Saint’s Row 2, but never got past the intro in Saint’s Row: The Third. Chalk it up to open-world GTA fatigue, but I can barely even play through Grand Theft Auto games these days without getting bored. In my opinion, you can only play the same open-world design so many times before it gets stale.

Which is why I’m so excited about Saint Row 4. Apparently not content with the level of absolute absurdity featured in Saint’s Row 3, the fourth title features you as president of the United States, fighting off an alien invasion. With super powers. And…dubstep guns?

This ante up intrigues me to no end, in large part because fun, high quality games featuring super powers are few and far between. The Rocksteady Batman titles are incredible, but rely on gadgets. After that, there’s…Infamous? Never really enjoyed that game much either…

Here’s the thing; the developers understand what I want. I want to freeze people, throw them around, and shatter them. I want to fly. I want to be overpowered, and lay waste to everything in sight. Hell, I played the original Crackdown simply because it was so much fun to traverse the city with super-jumping and decimate

Glad to see they're going in a more grounded direction after SR 3.
Glad to see they’re going in a more grounded direction after SR 3.

gangsters much less powerful than me; I can’t imagine how much fun it would be to fly around, pick up an enemy, and drop them from the stratosphere. I also hope they take advantage of the “President of the US” idea and incorporate that into the game design, ala Fable 3 or XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

We’re still awaiting more details on Saints Row 4, but it might be the game that makes me consider playing the genre again.

3 thoughts on “Saints Row 4: Finally, super powers in an open world

  1. I’m looking forward to this too. It’s like Independence Day, but done in a way where Will Smith and the the whole crew were gangsters and had superpowers to fight off aliens.

  2. Think you may enjoy Prototype 2 if you just want to be someone with massive powers and wreck shop. Has more of a bad rep then it deserves.

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