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“He Jalen Rose’d me.”

For those of you not familiar with Kobe Bryant or the NBA, the term “Jalen Rose’d” is something that Lakers guard Kobe Bryant made up to describe when a defender sticks their foot under the offensive player shooting a jump shot in basketball. Most times the jump shooter comes down on the defender’s foot, twisting their ankle and possibly other things.
Why do I describe this to you in a blog about the Insanity program? Well, because I got Jalen Rose’d playing basketball, and it set me back a bit.

My past couple weeks have been a great insight as to why it’s so hard to stay on a consistent workout plan. After successfully working out Monday through Thursday of the first week (exchanging basketball for the Wednesday workout), I decided to go and spend the weekend with my co-hosts in Flagstaff,

Shaun can't not make a goofy face.
Shaun can’t not make a goofy face.

Arizona. I planned on doing both Friday and Saturday’s workout with Shaun and writing about the experience. What I didn’t plan on is the winter storm from hell, getting stuck for an hour in a blizzard, and nearly having to turn back 5 miles from their house.  All in all, the extended period of time of me being stuck in traffic didn’t allow a Friday workout, only a Saturday one. You can see us here!

The next Monday, it was full steam ahead!…or so I thought. I was barely able to finish my Monday workout, and had to stop with 5 minutes left on Tuesday. I wasn’t able to start my workout until about 10 PM each of those nights, which I think lead to me being so tired and not able to finish. Then in playing basketball on Wednesday, I sprained my ankle (by the aforementioned circumstances) and was unable to do any workouts for the rest of the week. My ankle was the size of a softball for a while…not pretty.

So, instead of having my second fitness test results here on this blog (the program has you do the same fit test every two weeks to track your progress) I’m here restarting week 2.  I can honestly say that the experience of the days that I have done has been a lot of fun, and I’m glad that I’ve taken this program seriously.

The best thing I’ve found about the program is the pacing. Every workout begins with a warm up session for about 10 minutes, and then moves into about 5 more minutes of stretching. This allows you to build up a bit of a sweat and then really make sure that you get loose so that you don’t get injured. After the warmup, Sean (not our Shaun) takes you through 3 sets of varying exercises, giving plenty of time for water breaks and rest. It really feels like you’re only moments away from your next break, so the exercises are easier to stick to and not give up on. In total, each workout is only about 20 minutes long if you don’t count the warm up and cool down.

In the 2 weeks or so that I have actually been able to work out, I’ve lost about 3 pounds, and hopefully will be able to lose about 7 more before the whole thing is over.  So far, Insanity has been the most difficult, but most rewarding workout program I’ve ever done.

Next week: Fitness Test updates and pre-insanity pictures!

3 thoughts on “The Insanity Blog

  1. I have been doing my Insanity workouts for two weeks, do my first follow up fit test tomorrow! I’ve only lost half of a pound, lol… following the diet pretty closely too (as expensive as it is). I did the formula and it told me to eat 1800 calories/day (which is a lot for me after I spent 4 months whittling down to 1200 a day before I was heavily exercising) so I am trying to follow that. And I do eat every few hours which is about 5 times per day. How closely are you following the meal plan, if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. I have actually just stuck with my previous diet that I had been doing, but then upped it a bit to about 2000 to 2100. I haven’t bought any recovery shakes and I’ve barely drank any protein shakes. I wouldn’t worry about not losing weight if you’re upping your calories and you’re drinking those shakes (those are more calories, as beneficial as they might be). The number that you’ll want to look at is your body fat % mostly, not the number on the scale.

      Good luck!

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