New Xbox 720 “Durango” rumors surface, enrage everybody

And this is why I hate people.

New rumors are in that the “Durango,” codename for the Xbox 720 (also a codename), will require optical discs to be downloaded to the hard drive, but will not be played off of the disc. Furthermore, it will feature an “always-on internet connection,” although it’s quick to establish that it’s unknown if that will be used for DRM, or if it will simply provide supplemental features similar to the PS4.  Read the full story from IGN.

You’ll notice in the comments below that article, enraged gamers are ablaze with hate for this news. Most are declaring the PS4 the winner for next-gen (which is an absurd statement to make at this point), and many others are declaring their switch from the Microsoft faithful to the Sony camp. Here’s my question: why do I both reading comments? Why do this to myself?

The Durango will eat your children.
The Durango will eat your children.

Here’s the facts:

1. This is a RUMOR.

2. This is an unsubstantiated RUMOR.

3. Even within this RUMOR, there’s no indication that the discs, once downloaded from, are useless, or that downloading is a one-time only deal. Many games in this generation offer download options to speed up load times. Couldn’t this possibly be the same deal? Or perhaps exist as a mechanism to combat piracy, but provide gamers options if their Durango bites the dust at some point?

4. The Wii had a backup feature that would download stupid things when it was off and connected to the internet. It wasn’t necessary, but it certainly did nothing in the field of DRM.

So let’s everybody calm down until we actually get some solid news. Then we can burn down Microsoft and carry on with our Sony sacrificial rituals. Deal?


6 thoughts on “New Xbox 720 “Durango” rumors surface, enrage everybody

  1. Maybe I am too forgiving, but I don’t mind always online when it is done right and works i.e. Steam or most MMORPGs. I understand that many people want to be left alone to play their games by themselves in a dark corner of nowhere, but it’s the Internet Age: time to get social!

    1. I like it as a choice and think it can have really great potential for gaming, but I like it less as a tool to fight piracy and put limits on the consumer. All I want for the next-gen is gamers be put first, and I hope that the game companies keep that goal in mind.

  2. I know I wouldn’t want a console that’s always connected to the internet. My wireless internet isn’t exactly the greatest sometimes, and I get really mad when I’m in the middle of a game with friends and I suddenly get kicked out because of it. I hope there is still a choice between wanting to play online or offline. I don’t mind if console became more social with the online aspect, but as you said, it should be about choices.

  3. It’s interesting to speculate, and like a lot of people, I’d worry about how a bad internet connection would affect my gaming if it always has to be on to play. Though I understand that the internet is the future of gaming, we need to make sure the internet keeps up with our consoles!

    But yeah, I totally agree with you that there’s no need for outrage until we hear official announcements. It’s ridiculous to write off something off before you know details about it. And personally, I get upset when I hear people writing off game companies for one poor game or one slip-up here or there, etc. Seriously, gamers are so dramatic sometimes…

  4. Haha I completely agree, people need to stop making so many assumptions about something that hasn’t even been announced yet. Although i must admit, reading the comments does make for a good time, watching everybody get so worked up over rumors. I cannot wait to actually see what Microsoft has to offer, although it’s no secret that it’s an uphill battle after Sony’s conference.

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