Stephen Amell from “Arrow” as Green Arrow in Justice League film

With talks to get Christian Bale in as Batman, it’s clear DC is doing the smart thing and trying to follow the Avengers movie formula. This is the best move for them as a studio, and for the fans. Well, I’d like I’d like to throw my two cents out there, and say they take it a step further by having Stephen Amell, from the Arrow television series, don the cloak and become the Green Arrow in the Justice League movie.

And he's so ripped!
And he’s so ripped!

Yes, the universe in his show and the idea of a man who fights injustice from another planet do clash, but we’ve already overcome that hurdle by attempting to cast Bale from Nolan’s trilogy universe into the film. We could cast a new Ollie, but why not take advantage of critical, commercial success of the TV series? As a fan, I’d love to see this. Not only would it be epic to see the consistency of this phenomenal version of Ollie, but it would also allow DC to push the boundaries of the formula and reap the success. Sure, the Avengers pulled in characters from their own film franchises, but it’s never been done through TV before.

You want to foster your various franchises by cross-promotion, and help build up your properties that have fallen to the wayside in popular culture, DC? Then this is the way to do it.

Sure, there are obstacles. How do you go about crafting the Arrow television series after this? Acknowledging it is a tough sell for this (pretty) grounded universe. Ignoring and never talking about it is a substantial suspension of disbelief. And then there’s the legal issue of who technically owns what, and that’s a realm I have no idea about. But beyond all that, just think for a moment, about how sweet it would be to have an established Arrow, Batman, and Superman headlining a Justice League film.

It’s hard not to get excited. Let’s just go ahead and leave Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern out on this one…

2 thoughts on “Stephen Amell from “Arrow” as Green Arrow in Justice League film

  1. let’s just hope it wud be great..& hope C.Bale return as the batman…and a popular pornstar plays wonder woman.

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