Mass Effect: Citadel DLC – Third Time’s a Charm

Well, Mass Effect fans, it’s been a fun, crazy journey, but we’ve finally received the closure we’ve wanted from the series. The final piece of DLC content, Citadel, has released, and in many ways is the epilogue to this fantastic series that fans deserve.

Reviews indicated that it’s the closest thing to a true ending that the game can have without clashing with the real, controversial ending, and I’m okay with this; one of my biggest complaints wasn’t that the ending of the game was bad (it was); the issue was its stark dichotomy with the rest of the plot and characterization of Shepard, and how it offered nearly zero closure to these characters we spent so much time with and with whom we forged such meaningful relationships.

Well've outwhored yourself. Great job.
Well Miranda…you’ve outwhored yourself. Great job.

Citadel exists as a love letter to fans, and this is all I ever wanted. Maybe this means I’m emotionally fragile and needy, but this is the type of content that makes me excited to finally start my second playthrough. This DLC, combined with the other strong DLC offerings, and the expanded ending, finally gives me the incentive to finish the game again, but more importantly, feel good about the bittersweet ending.

It took them three tries at an ending, but they seem to finally understand the closure that fans have sought from the very beginning.

Well, Mass Effect fans, what say you? You excited for Citadel? Do you forgive Bioware now? Or have you just stopped caring.

Finally. The warm and fuzzies I've always wanted. *tear.
Finally. The warm and fuzzies I’ve always wanted. *tear.

5 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Citadel DLC – Third Time’s a Charm

  1. I can’t wait to get this. Although part of me had hoped they’d have given Miranda clothes by now… What you said about the ending was my exact reason for disliking it–absolutely zero closure about our favourite characters. Everyone knows the best thing about Bioware games is the character interaction, and to deprive players of that, well…let’s hope Citadel lives up to all this praise I’ve been hearing. Maybe Bioware will even return to what they’re best at in ME4; characterisation instead of shoddy end plots. I still haven’t forgiven them though, especially not with their attitude towards vocal fans (the recent spat over the True Fan Majority video being a particular example). I don’t want to jump on the EA-pure hatred bandwagon, but they’ve really not been the same since the acquisition.

    1. It’s funny that you said you didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon, because I have the same sentiment…and yet as a company, EA continues to disappoint me time after time. At what point does it stop being a bandwagon…?

  2. I was actually playing the DLC today. I haven’t quite finished it yet, but what everyone has been saying is absolutely true! This is the best send off you can get for characters you have loved so much. It made my heart swell with unbelievable emotion as I bantered or spent time with each character for one last time. Whether Shepard is considered dead or not dead, doesn’t matter. What matters is that everyone’s Shepards got one last hurrah with their friends/love interest, and with such great detail too! To me, this part of the game will stay with me more than the disappointing ending. Characters that are well-written as the Mass Effect characters have been deserve the long and lengthy goodbye before all hell breaks loose.

    1. Exactly! It’s not about them flying off together on a magic rainbow; it’s about getting the closure with these characters. The somber ending actually makes the character interaction that much more poignant and necessary.

  3. I have to say it really is a fantastic ending to ME3 and the series. I’m on play through 5 with my Renegade MShep infiltrator and I don’t even feel the need to do the final assault. Maybe it’s because I know how it ends and can’t change it. Or maybe it’s because the ending of the DLC is so good that I feel like it’s over. If there was just like a short paragraph describing the end of the game and the credits rolled I would have been fine with it. It’s amazing DLC and I look forward to the next Mass Effect game. I just hope it’s an After ME3 game not a prequel.

    P.S. Out of all the side conversations I love all the Multiplayer characters complaining. I know that feel infiltrator. I know that feel.

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