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So, you all thought that Shaun had the market cornered when it came to working out right? “Oh he’s the single guy, he’s got to impress the ladies right?” Well I’m the not single guy, and I feel that I want to impress MY lady…and get myself in shape. So upon Shaun’s endorsement of the product, I am now attempting this insane workout.
First, a little background on me: For my entire life I’ve been athletic. I started gymnastics when I was three and moved on to basketball when I was six. From then on it was basketball all day every day up until I played on the high school team. Graduating high school, I was a stick-like 6’ tall and 155 pounds. College came and the freshman 25 hit. Yes I’m well aware that the phrase is “The

Fattius Maximus is easily identified by the bulging stomach and large neck
Fattius Maximus is easily identified by the bulging stomach and large neck

Freshman 15,” but when your diet consists of Taco Bell six times a week and the only exercise you get is walking between classes, you tend to put on weight. Still, at 6’ 180 I felt as there wasn’t a problem at all, and that I needed some weight at the time. Then from age 19-24 I continued the same lack of exercise and crappy diet patterns and got myself all the way up to 230 pounds. Look at this horrific photo on the right. Don’t look long though, it’s not pretty.

Yup, that was at the end of 2008 at the beach. Yuck. Soon after those photos surfaced, I made it a decision to get back on the exercise train and get back in shape. Despite a lot of hard work, I never was able to get myself under 200 pounds. In this past year, my fiance and I have changed eating habits greatly, and I have been able to drop down 25 pounds to 190. With my upcoming wedding, I’ve decided to make that final push to get myself back in that athlete’s body that’s living inside of me. Over the next few weeks, I’ll update this blog with workout descriptions my progress and some photos of the changes in my body. In addition, this blog will certainly keep me accountable, as I know I’ll have to update it.

The first day of Insanity is the fit test, just to get a gauge of where you are athletically. There are 8 exercises, each lasting one minute, and the goal is to see how many reps you can complete. Here are the 8 exercises and my totals:

Switch Kicks
This kind of feels like the Russian dance from the Nutcracker. The goal is to kick your knees up and then throw your foot out. Each kick counts.
Day 1: 100

Power Jacks
Similar to jumping jacks, but then you mix in a squat at the end, and explode back into a jump. Much harder than just jumping jacks.
Day 1: 42

Power Knees
This seems like the easiest one overall, stand with your weight on your right foot, and lift your left knee to your hands, which are together at chest level. Speed is the key here.
Day 1: 73

Power Jumps
Get into a squat position and jump before landing softly back on the ground. The goal here is to get your knees high and jump as high as you can while you land as softly as you can.
Day 1: 31

Globe Jumps
This required 4 jumps to equal 1 rep. Jump right, jump back, jump left, jump forward. Reminds me of the “Around the World” song. Stay in a squat position the entire time and keep your arms moving.
Day 1: 8

Suicide Jumps
Also known as burpees. Squat, push-up position, squat, and jump. Otherwise known as “This sucks”
Day 1: 10

Push-Up Jacks
There’s no way this program can like jumping jacks this much right? Go into a pushup position and hold it. Then move your legs open and shut like you’re doing jumping jacks, just horizontally.
Day 1: 21

Low Plank Oblique
Remember when I said “This sucks?” Oh yeah, this is worse. Get into a plank position (Nothing I hate more than planks) with elbows on the floor and hands clasped.  Then bring your left knee up to your chest, return to the position and repeat when the right knee.
Day 1: 36

I put on my heart rate monitor to measure how many calories I burned during just the fit test. over 400 calories in about 25 minutes. That is a workout my friends. An INSANE workout (See what I did there??)

6 thoughts on “The Insanity Blog

  1. Good luck with it all! I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not January when everyone tries to loose weight, it’s March. I’ve noticed a few blogs I’m following talking about switching to healthy food and exercising, and I’m not the only one in work trying to, too. That does sound like an insane workout, maybe one to try when I’ve got generally a bit fitter. Looking forward to your updates and, again, because I know how hard it’s going to be (for all of us!) good luck!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been able to drop down from when I was 215 last July to about 190 now, so this has been an entire process. I never liked people making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, because they never seem to work. I’ll up date this every couple of weeks and let you know how it goes!

  2. Yes, good luck! We tried our best to get in shape for our wedding, and I think we looked pretty good. 🙂 The best thing I did was to give up coffee/caffeine during the process. (Well, I say “best,” but the withdrawal was the worst for awhile.) It helped me to become more focused and less nervous.

    Hope you get the results you want!

  3. Wow, what’s up with the Insanity craze lately? I see a lot of people getting into this! Not that I mind, from what I can tell, the Insanity workout is really insane, which is for me a synonym for “good”. Good luck man!

  4. Great blog, I’ll be following your progress as I, also, plan to start back on Beachbody Insanity tonight and press my way through it. Managed to lose 22 pounds so far but I still have about 10 pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight (which is still not ideal for my body height/build). Good luck to us!

    1. Yes good luck to you! One thing I didn’t write about is the diet aspect of Insanity. If you do all the workouts but then eat poorly, you won’t see results.

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