Number Ten With a Bullet

Chinese proverb: Better to be three bullets too early than a minute too late.

I had a few ideas for this week’s post, but none of them are ready yet. I haven’t quite finished Fire Emblem Awakening for a review. I wanted to post some thoughts on the Walking Dead game, but I’m only halfway through the fourth chapter. I thought maybe I’d talk about Wrestlemania — yes, really — but then I figured you would fall asleep. So here we are with a return to bullets instead.

  • This is a big time of year for video game releases, with some heavy hitters like Tomb Raider and the new Bioshock game finally hitting store shelves after each experienced some delays. Sadly, I’m not all that excited about either of them. The titles that I’m excited about (like Pokemon X/Y and Tales of Xillia) are either releasing in the fall or don’t even have a date yet. Do I sound bitter? I’m trying my best not to sound bitter.
  • In other video game news, Shaun and I started on a new series for Game On last night. Considering that both New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart: Double Dash are reaching their conclusions this week, we decided to go for another family-friendly game that may or may not involve Mario and may or may not involve space. I’ll let you fill in the blanks on this extremely complicated puzzle.
  • My schedule for the next few months is extremely sporadic, and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all comes together. This month I’ve already been down to Phoenix once, and I’ve got a Muse concert and a wedding penciled in for other March weekends as well. Then April’s pretty quiet, but May goes right down the toilet with some work stuff, Dave’s bachelor party and then his wedding. There’s an open June before an all-hell-breaks-loose July. Should be interesting. The one thing I can guarantee is that we won’t be missing any shows because of all this, one way or another.
  • Wouldn’t be a bullets list without something about the Suns. I find myself conflicted when I watch them these days. Part of me wants the team to lose a ton of games and get the best draft pick they can for next season (even though they’ll probably get unlucky no matter where they finish). But I can’t root for my team to lose, no matter how bad they are — so when I watch, I still want them to win even though it submarines our chances of sucking less next year.
  • And finally, Stacy Keibler thinks you’re very attractive for reading through this.


3 thoughts on “Number Ten With a Bullet

  1. It would make for an interesting episode if you guys actually do decide to go with the idea of doing a live recording from Dave’s wedding, which has been thrown out there once or twice in your last few shows.

    1. I’m still considering my options there. I think something will happen for sure, but I’m trying to figure out a way to record that won’t have a chance of making the happy couple kill me in the process. But the wheels are turning…

      1. Yes yes, we do NOT want the happy bride committing a homicide on her wedding day. That might ruin it. Though I fully expect you to make a million “OOOO wedding’s off!” Jokes in the coming months.

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