Dead Space 4 Cancelled

According to reports, Dead Space 4 has been killed harder than a necromorph baby on the wrong side of a Ripper blade.

Due to Dead Space 3 sales not reaching expectations EA’s (which are apparently five million, for some reason that I actually know but pretend I don’t because I like to fantasize the world is not completely motivated by greed), any plans for Dead Space 4 have apparently been scrapped.

If this is indeed true, I’m conflicted on my feelings.

I can't believe it either, Isaac. Except that part where I totally can.
I can’t believe it either, Isaac. Except that part where I totally can.

On one hand, Dead Space 2 is one of my all-time favorite games. The story is great, the characters have a nice chemistry, and the gameplay, scares, and action are top notch and perfectly blended.

On the other, Dead Space 3 a solid, if not underwhelming entry, with questionable character developments, a fetch-heavy plot, and way more emphasis on action.

It’s hard for me to not root against Dead Space 3, even though I enjoyed it, because of what it stands for. Apparently,  in its development, the horror was scrapped to implement more action, so that it could emulate Mass Effect.

To which I calmly respond with HOW IN THE ACTUAL HELL DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?

Can you imagine any sensible person who understands their audience AT ALL even come close to this conclusion? It’s like if Crystal Dynamics, instead of pursuing the fantastic direction of their new Tomb Raider, said “You know…Halo is really popular. It has guns. We have guns. Let’s make it like Halo!”

This blind pursuit to appease more fans frustrates me to no end, and it makes me happy when it backfires. That, and the idea of microtransactions. Don’t like them, don’t like the precendent they set.

If they could get Dead Space 4 back on track, I’d be happy to step in Isaac Clarke’s boots again. If they are going to continue this greedy and desperate search for higher sales, I’ll see you in hell, Dead Space.

6 thoughts on “Dead Space 4 Cancelled

  1. Yeah completely agree with you there, it’s baffling when games with their own loyal followings try to copy other games or as is the trend is these days, to make it more action-y. It never helps! People become fans of those games for a reason, why change it so it’s like some other game in an attempt to boost sales or gain more mass appeal?
    Also, I wish this was the end of the whole microtransaction thing, but I’m afraid it’s only the beginning!

    1. Exactly! Like…Dead Space WAS a triple A franchise only because you created a horror game. It’s so ironic: they WERE the bastion of horror in gaming when everyone turned away from the action in Resident Evil. Now they went down the same road. Unbelievable.

  2. I was pretty hard on DS3 in my last blog post, and for good reason! If they hadn’t crapped on the core fan base so much i wouldn’t have been so cruel, but come on! I agree with what you have posted here for sure.

    1. Yeah, it’s funny how it works; I rented 2, but liked it so much I bought it later. Then I bought 3, and I’m definitely selling it back. People bitched and moaned about Dante’s reboot, but it was done according to artistic vision; here, it was done simply for milking a cash cow…and it failed. Hopefully that’s a lesson to them…

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